Earth Day Colloquium

Friday, April 13, 2012








2012 Book of ABSTRACTS

General Presentation Guidelines

This Colloquium is interdisciplinary in nature, and most of the attendees will have little familiarity with the subject matter you are presenting. Please use plain language and structure your presentation so that it is accessible to judges and audience members with varied backgrounds. Leave the audience with a take home message on how your research is contributing to Environment and Sustainability.

Oral Presentation Guidelines

Presentations should be in a format optimized to run on Windows (e.g. ppt, .pptx, .pps). Please bring your presentations on a flash drive (USB memory key) and be prepared to load it onto the computer 15 minutes before your session begins. Save the file name for your talk as your last name and first initial (e.g. Suzuki_D.ppt). As a courtesy to the other speakers in your session, it is expected that all speakers will attend the entirety of their assigned session.

15 Minute Talks

Each speaker will be given a maximum of 15 minutes to complete their oral presentation. We recommend a 12 minute talk, allowing 3 minutes for questions.

5 Minute Speed Talks

Speed talk sessions will be an hour in length. In the first half of the session, speakers will be given 5 minutes each to present their key ideas and results. In the second half of the session, all presenters will participate in an open discussion period, where audience members can ask speakers specific questions about their research as well as more general questions which are open to all presenters to answer.

The 5 minute time limit will be strictly observed in these sessions. You will be given warnings when you have 30 seconds and 10 seconds left. Given the time restraints of this presentation format, some speakers may find it useful to end their talk by asking a question to the audience which can help facilitate discussion during the question period.

Poster Presentation Guidelines

Each poster presenter will be provided with a surface to mount their poster presentation. In order to accommodate two posters on each side of the poster board each poster should not be larger than approximately 4’ x 4’. Posters should be set up during the registration period (8:30-9:00am) to allow for attendees to view the posters throughout the day. There will be a dedicated poster session held in the afternoon where presenters are expected to be present at their poster.

Student Award Candidates

Students presenting at the Earth Day Colloquium have the option of being evaluated for the best student presentation. Each presentation format (oral, speed and poster presentation) will be evaluated separately.  Criteria for selecting award winners will be posted closer to the event.

 For further details please contact uwo.earthday@gmail.com


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