Applied Mathematics Re-structuring

Mathematics and Applied Mathematics are joining forces!

Overhead view of students sitting at desk

The Applied Mathematics Department was re-structured, administratively, in July 2021.

All undergraduate and graduate programs in Applied Mathematics are continuing as usual, but will now be administered as part of the Department of Mathematics. Faculty members specializing in applied mathematics have also joined the Department of Mathematics. The math department is excited to welcome these "outward-facing" mathematicians to our faculty complement! Programs and Faculty specializing in theoretical physics and scientific computing have moved to the Department of Physics & Astronomy. Engineering Math inquiries should be directed toward the Department of Physics & Astronomy.

Mathematics Department Website

Physics and Astronomy Department Website

Administration Contact Information

Math Inquiry
Mathematics Undergraduate Audrey Kager 
Mathematics Graduate Adriana Dimova 
Physics & Astronomy inquiry
Physics and Astronomy Undergraduate Jennifer Tilston 
Physics and Astronomy Graduate Brian Davis 

We are offering certain substitutions to students who begin their 3rd or 4th year of study in the Applied Math Hon Spec, Spec, and Major Modules [Printable pdf explanation here]

To propose course substitutions for your 3rd or 4th year of study in one of the aforementioned modules, refer to the printable pdf, then contact for approval. Please know that approvals are not guaranteed.