The SMSS Administrative Team will work virtually during the province-wide shut down.

Should any changes arise, we will post updates here

Everyone on our team will be available virtually during regular business hours, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday - please see SMSS email list (below) for all communication with the department

SMSS Team Contact Information

In response to COVID-19 disruptions Applied Mathematics has relaxed grade requirements associated with courses affected by distancing measures. For FW 2020-21 a grade of 50% or Pass in all pre-requisite courses will be acceptable for enrolment in Calc 1301B, Calc 2402A, AM 2402A, AM 2811B, AM 2814G, and AM 3815A. Similarly, 1000-level grade requirements for admission to Applied Mathematics and Applied Mathematical Methods modules will be relaxed to 50% or Pass.

Departmental leadership has chosen to limit some senior-undergraduate course offerings this coming year. Neither AM 3911F/G nor AM 4617A/B will be delivered. Fortunately, courses that have not been offered lately -- courses like AM 3615A/B and AM 4817A/B -- will be offered this coming year. 

Students interested in learning the mathematics related to pandemics may wish to consider AM 3615A.

Students who had been interested in AM 3911F/G may wish to take PHYS 3962F (the Dept of Physics & Astronomy is willing to consider requests for special permission for those lacking pre-requisites). Students who had been interested in AM 4617A/B may wish to consider AM 4264B which addresses computational problems in neuroscience.

Applied Math undergraduate counsellors are ready to help you solve any issues related to module requirements that may arise as a result of changes to course offerings. Contact to get assistance.

What is Applied Mathematics?

Applied mathematics teaches students how to use their love of numbers and computers to tackle challenging real-world problems. In the Department of Applied Mathematics at Western researchers model the spread of infectious diseases, interactions among sub-atomic particles, and the behaviour of materials on the micro- and nano-scales.

Applied Mathematics