Future Prof Workshops

These dynamic seminars for future professors and professionals are offered throughout the year and provide both new and experienced graduate students and postdoctoral scholars with valuable insight into academic and career-related topics. The workshops in this series are constantly expanding and evolving with past sessions touching on topics such as: Teaching Your Own Course, Proctoring Exams, Building a Teaching Dossier, Academic Job Interviews, and Networking at Conferences.

Participating in at least ten (approximately 15 hours of training) Future Prof workshops will satisfy the Western Certificate in University Teaching & Learning requirement.

Upcoming Workshops:

Netiquette: Communicating with Your Students

Friday June 3rd, 10:30 am - Noon

University Community Centre, 147 A/B

During this 90 minute workshop, participants will learn strategies they can use to help their undergraduate students communicate professionally. Our discussion will include examples of setting appropriate boundaries with students in online environments and responding to challenging student emails. Together, we will analyze several case studies in order to illustrate university policies around communicating with students.


Open Educational Resources for Teaching and Learning: Trends & Opportunities

Friday June 3rd, 1:00 - 2:30 pm

University Community Centre, 147 A/B

Open educational resources or OERs are a growing trend in education. A huge variety of high quality educational resources – from images, videos, modules, textbooks and more – are available on the web for reuse and remixing, all for free. By the end of this session, future profs will be able to describe and locate OERs. Further, they will be able to evaluate the quality of the resources found and imagine possibilities for their applications to various academic contexts.


Designing Your Own Course: Components of a Great Syllabus

Friday June 3rd, 2:30 - 4:00 pm

University Community Centre, 147 A/B

What goes into a great course syllabus? Find out in this session as we explore how to use learning outcomes as the springboard for the creation of all other syllabus components. Together, we will look at strategies for making the syllabus an effective learning tool for students and share ideas about assessment methods, course policies, and the impressions course instructors make through their syllabi. Bring an idea for a course you would like to design and we will devote some of the workshop to working on your syllabus.


If you want to receive credit for a Future Professor workshop for the Western Certificate in University Teaching, you need to arrive to workshops on time or early.Participants who arrive more than 10 minutes late for a workshop or those who leave more than 10 minutes before the end of the session will not receive credit toward the Certificate.

If you are working towards the Western Certificate in University Teaching, you can also gain Future Prof credits for the following:
  • Participation in the Winter Conference on Teaching (up to 3 FP credits)
  • Participation in the Spring/Fall Perspectives on Teaching Conference (up to 3 FP credits per conference)
  • Participation in Lead TA Workshops (up to 10 FP credits)
  • Participation in up to six hours of departmental teaching/professional development training (up to 4 FP credits).
    • At the Teaching Support Centre, we recognize that each discipline has its own unique teaching culture and pedagogies and that training in these practices is critical to the development of well-rounded graduate students. Examples of such training include workshops offered by your department or faculty on responding to student questions in laboratories or tutorials, discussions of marking practices for a particular course or assignment and seminars on networking in your discipline. Please note that training which qualifies for FP credit should focus on instructional skills or professional development and not on the logistics of teaching assistantships (i.e. GTA union rules, obtaining keys, safety procedures, WHMIS training, etc.).
  • Participation in Teaching Master Classes (1 FP credit per class, up to a maximum of 4 credits)
Please keep track of the FP sessions you have attended with the Personal Progress Tracker.
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