Community Service Learning: Guatemala

Community Service Learning in the Hispanic World (Guatemala)

guatemalaInterested in International Community Service Learning for which you can get credit? Spanish 3500G: Community Service Learning in the Hispanic World (Guatemala) course will provide you with an opportunity to learn about Guatemalan society, culture and history, but also about themselves by serving in an international social and cultural setting. The readings and documentaries for the course will deal with issues related to the rich history and culture of Guatemala and will offer an in-depth look at a number of contemporary social issues. Guest lecturers will be invited to speak to the students about their experiences in this fascinating country.

In addition to classroom study spread out over one term, three weeks of active and interactive community service in Guatemala will be required for the completion of the course (in early May, after the exam period is over). Our main community partner in Guatemala is the Miguel Angel Asturias Academy, located in the city of Quetzaltenango. THE COURSE AND EVALUATIONS WILL BE ENTIRELY IN SPANISH.