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2017-18 Courses

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Arabic 1030: Arabic for Beginners
Arabic 1030 is designed for students with no or very little background in Arabic. It develops the four basic skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing through the application of grammatical structures and vocabulary development. Students will learn the Arabic script and sound system, enabling them to read and write simple texts. Besides teaching grammar and language skills, the course will introduce to students some aspects of Arabic culture.
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Arabic 1035
Arabic 1035 is designed for students who have some previous background in Arabic, but not sufficient to allow them to register for Intermediate Arabic 2250.  The course aims to further the development of the ability to use Modern Standard Arabic orally and in reading and writing, and expand vocabulary. The course will also assist students to gain a fundamental grasp of Arabic structures, and to have enough familiarity with Arabic culture and customs, and their distinctiveness from that of North America.
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Arabic 2250: Intermediate Arabic
Arabic 2250 is designed to build upon skills in reading and writing developed in earlier courses. Students will gain increased vocabulary and a greater understanding of more complex grammatical structures. They will also widen their working vocabulary, learn key grammatical points, and practice conversation and dictation. Students will be able to approach prose, fiction, and non-fiction written in Arabic, and will continue to be introduced to Arabic Culture.
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Hindi 1030/1035: Hindi for Beginners
Hindi is the language of one of the greatest civilizations in the history of the world. Besides its incredible ties to history, philosophy, science and art, the vibrant culture that uses it as the means of communication has far reaching influence in all our societies, from food to music and literature, from painting and sculpture to film. Canada, in particular, has a long history of close ties to India, and many of our artists are Indo-Canadian. Come and learn Hindi and savor the rich culture that it represents. View Syllabus


Japanese 1036: Japanese for Beginners
By having knowledge of Japanese language, you will be able to enjoy and experience many aspects of Japanese culture - sushi, Anime, and Japanese technology, to name a few – so why not start now? This course is designed to build basic Japanese language ability by developing grammatical accuracy, comprehension and communicative ability in the four basic language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing), and also to encourage awareness and understanding of Japanese culture. View Syllabus

Japanese 2260: Intermediate Japanese
This is a continuation of Japanese 1036. This course is designed to expand your basic communicative abilities in the four basic language skills, emphasizing the practical use of the language, and also to further enhance general knowledge and understanding of Japanese culture and social appropriateness. For instance, when do we use casual form and polite form? In this course, the students will strengthen their Japanese skills by taking into account factors such as the proper time, place and occasion to use a certain form and will put this into practice. View Syllabus


Persian 1030/1035: Persian for Beginners
Persian or Farsi, the language spoken in present day Iran, has roots that go back thousands of years. Canada has been enriched by the many contributions of Persian speakers who have immigrated to this country, contributions not only in the realm of business and entrepreneurship but also in art, film, culture and thought. Learning Persian will put you in contact with an ancient civilization and a present day vibrant and diverse society.
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Portuguese 1030/1035: Portuguese for Beginners
Portuguese, its sounds and cadences make one think of music and poetry! It is the language spoken in the ancient cities of Portugal and the vibrant cities of Brazil. Live the diversity that is Portuguese, the excitement of one of the most important emerging economies, the beauty of a culture that combines the rhythms of Africa with the dances of Europe and the poetry of the indigenous people of the America. Learn Portuguese! View Syllabus
Portuguese 2200: Intermediate Portuguese - CANCELLED
Description coming soon. 
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