2017-18 Courses

1000 Level

Italian 1030: Italian for Beginners
Do you ever say ‘espresso’, ‘martini’, ‘cappuccino’, ‘al dente’, ‘pizza’, ‘bruschetta’, patio, ‘paparazzi’, ‘vendetta’, ‘stiletto’, adagio, ‘cantato’? Then you already know some Italian! And did you know that words such as ‘management’ and ‘bank’ derive from Italian? Join IT 1030, and have fun learning in class and online the language of Dante, Fellini, Bocelli, Pavarotti, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Prada, Versace and the famous bankers from Florence, the Medici family!
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Italian 1045B: Italian for Travellers I
Full immersion one week course in Tuscany, for students with little previous knowledge of Italian. An introduction to Italian in an active and practical way, it emphasizes travel competence, oral expression and basic Italian grammar.
While you will be based in Arezzo, classes will be held in May at Nobel Prize for Peace 2015 Nominee Rondine Cittadella della Pace (AR).
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Italian 1046A: Italian for Travellers II (INTERSESSION) *Course offered during intersession*
Full immersion three-week course in Tuscany, for students with little previous knowledge of Italian. An introduction to Italian in an active and practical way, it emphasizes and oral expression and basic Italian grammar.
While you will be based in Arezzo, classes will be held in May at Nobel Prize for Peace 2015 Nominee Rondine Cittadella della Pace (AR).
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2000 Level

Italian 2200: Intermediate Italian
Do you already have a basic proficiency in Italian language? Would you like to keep feeding your passion for all things Italian? This is your course. Taught by native speakers, the course is designed to help you improve your vocabulary and develop your conversational and written skills using a variety of authentic materials, such as websites, songs, short stories, and films. Through these materials you will be constantly immersed in the language and culture of Italy, in class and online!
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Italian 2202: Intermediate Italian in Italy
In this intermediate Italian course, you will learn the language while being exposed to authentic Italian culture in the heart of Tuscany through daily interactions with native speakers. The course includes a community-engaged learning component. You will be based in Arezzo, while classes will be held in May at Rondine Cittadella della Pace (Nobel Prize for Peace 2015 Nominee).
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Italian 2220B: Italian Conversation
A selection of guided conversations in Italian dealing with a range of issues in contemporary Italy. Students will develop their communicative skills in Italian through discussion of a number of topics, ranging from social and political issues to media, pop culture, films, music, fashion, food, and sports. 
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Italian 2240F: Italian Journeys
Travel through three major capitals of Italian culture: Florence, Venice, and Naples.
Explore the variety of their artistic splendor, enjoy the pleasure of their literary and filmic tradition and understand crucial moments of their socio-political history.
Meet emblematic historical figures of artists, politicians and writers, crucial for the destiny of their city and beyond, such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Machiavelli, Michelangelo, The Medicis, Goldoni, Basile.
Our journey spans from the Renaissance to the present and unfolds following the footsteps of illustrious travelers such as Goethe, Dickens and, whose descriptions of the Bel Paese have watermarked the expectations of millions of tourists.
Movies, literary readings, masterpieces of plastic and figurative arts, plays, historiography and political essays, documentaries and, in some cases, music will be our introductions to these cities.
Get on board, you too, for the everlasting Grand Tour!
This course is cross listed with CLC 2132A.
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Italian 2500F: Bridging Classroom & Community: Languages & Cultures in Action
Would you like to acquire lifelong competences that will allow you to build (self)-cultural awareness and interact meaningfully with other cultures in today's globalized world? Then Bridging Classroom and Community is your course! We will explore issues of identity, memory, immigration, prejudice, stereotype, and intercultural dialogue, while building a connection with our own London community, and its wealth of languages and cultures via collaborative projects between students and members of this community.
This course is cross listed with CLC/GER/SPA 2500F 
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3000 Level

Italian 3300: Advanced Italian
Do you want to keep feeding your passion for all things Italian, while expanding your knowledge of Italian language and culture? This is your course.
Italian 3300 is aimed at developing advanced–level competence in the four basic language skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening. Discussions on a variety of cultural topics such as food, travel, politics, the arts, and use of a wide range of material (websites, films, songs, literature) will help you refine your skills so as to communicate more fluently in Italian. These activities are also meant to increase your intercultural awareness. 
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--CANCELLED-- Italian 3328F: Masterpieces of Contemporary Italian Literature
You can't build a thorough understanding of today's global culture if you don't have any familiarity with the literary treasures of modern and contemporary Italy.In this course you will be introduced to a number of Italian writers who have contributed to shape the way in which we have come to think of ourselves and the world in the past one hundred years or so. This course is taught in Italian.
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--CANCELLED-- Italian 3338G: Books on the Big Screen
Double the pleasure: watch the film show you what the book hadn’t described and let the book reveal what the movie hadn’t disclosed. 
Experience more than half a century of Italian history through four masterpieces of cinema and literature.
Learn to recognize the strategies deployed by these two arts in telling the extraordinary destinies of passionate, original, and thought provoking Italian characters. Share in stories of courage, heroism and engagement deeply rooted in Italy’s cultural fabric.
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Italian 3040B: Studies at Rondine Citadel of Peace in Italy
Please note: this is a winter term course, but takes places during intersession, with the exception of planning meetings during the winter term. Application required
This course, held mainly in Tuscany at Rondine Citadel of Peace (Novel Prize for Peace nominee 2015), builds skills for understanding cultural differences and fosters awareness for social change in a global context. UWO students will reside in downtown Arezzo and will study at Rondine, together with the Citadel's own international students. The course springs from the collaboration between Italian Studies (MLL, main campus), Social Justice (King's) and Rondine Cittadella della Pace (Italy).
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4000 Level

Italian 4500G: Senior Research Project
Chicken soup for a cold or flu is not a recent concept but an age-old remedy. Centred on the theme “Food and Medicine in the Middle Ages” develop your own research project. Avenues to explore may range from medieval ideas about nutrition, sick-dishes, foodstuffs and drugs, to cooking and dining practices, regional preferences and intercultural influences. Choose the medium of presentation that best suits your topic.
Cross listed with CLC/GER/SPA 4500G
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