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Admission requirements

No application will be considered until it is complete. The responsibility rests with the applicant to ensure that all documents (i.e. transcripts, letters of reference, test results) are submitted by February 1 for consideration for financial aid.

International applicants should contact the program if they have questions regarding grade conversion before beginning the application process.

Completed applications will be evaluated by the program, which makes the admission decision. The School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies sends out offers of admission and handles all administrative aspects of registration.

Although applications are processed centrally, applicants are encouraged to contact individual faculty members to discuss their research interests and possible research projects where applicable. Note, however, that individual faculty members do not directly admit students.

If you are interested in visiting the department after submitting your application, please contact us to make arrangements. In some cases, part of your travel expenses may be paid for by the program.

Application Submission

Please note that:
We will only consider applicants whose interests are consistent with the research areas of the faculty members. Moreover, we will not consider applicants whose primary research interests are in the following areas: Language Teaching (ESL), Translation, Teaching Methodology, Applied Linguistics that is not connected to linguistic theory.

Before submitting your online application, you must have:

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