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Material Safety Data Sheets

A material safety data sheet must be available for each hazardous material found in the lab. This page contains links to sites maintained by some of our suppliers and to other collections found on the web. MSDS may be stored electronically but we recommend that for the highest risk / largest volume materials a hard copy of the MSDS be kept on hand for immediate access.

Occupational Health and Safety offers the following links to you in your efforts to locate the MSDS's that you require.

Western Libraries

At Western Libraries there are several searchable databases with information on chemicals. While they are not strictly material safety data sheets, they are a source of valuable information.

Sigma Aldrich

Will now allow you to retrieve files from their MSDS collection. However, there is a catch. You first must register with the site so you may be added to a customer mailing list. If this does not bother you then you can find the registration page here.

Health Canada

For those in need of MSDS's for biohazardous agents Health Canada has obliged by providing a site on their server. As this is a government site there are no restrictions to those who wish to access it.

VWR Scientific

VWR Scientific has provided a web site for their MSDS's collection. They do not require you to sign in or register.

Fisher Scientific Canada

Fisher Scientific Canada has provided a site for MSDS retrieval. There is no registration required to access the site. You may also contact their Fax on Demand service at 1-201-703-3165 (so you are looking at long distance charges). Once you connect you will need to punch in the catalogue number and your fax number you want the MSDS sent to.

BOC Gasses

BOC Gasses provides a location for its special gas products for all your gaseous MSDS needs. They also have excellent information on gas cylinder safety.

Dupont Chemical

Dupont Chemical has a site with some of their MSDS information for your access.


Kodak MSDS database contains a number of materials.


Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety

There are also locations that act as a MSDS storage houses providing MSDS's from many different manufacturers. allows you to search by manufacture or by chemical name.