Financial Services

Employee Computer Purchase Plan

The Employee Computer Purchase Plan is part of the benefits program for regular full-time employees of Western.

The Plan assists University employees in acquiring personal computers from Western's Campus Computer Store by offering; preferential pricing for the initial computer purchase and loan arrangements

Visit the Campus Computer Store to review available computer systems.

Loan Arrangements

Loans are administered by Accounts Receivable and can be arranged for amounts up to $4,000 for a term no longer than 24 months.  Payments are arranged through payroll deduction.  The current interest rate is set by Canada Revenue Agency and is subject to change on a quarterly basis.
Only one computer loan can be active at a time.  Subsequent computer purchases may be financed through payroll deduction once the first loan has been paid in full.  To obtain your account balance and/or pay off your computer loan, contact accounts receivable.  There is no penalty for early payoff. 
Leaving Western
Payment of loan balance is due immediately.  Arrangements need to be made to pay the balance of your computer loan; contact accounts receivable to obtain the account balance and arrange payment. 
Temporary Leaves from Western
Arrangements need to be made to pay the monlthy payments while on a leave where you will not be receiving a your monthly pay from Western e.g. MAT & LTD.  Contact accounts receivable to arrange monthly payments.
Contact Information for
Loan Balances
Payment Arrangements - Payments can be made by cheque, VISA or MasterCard
(519) 661-3870