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Future Students

Western is a terrific place to study chemistry. We care deeply about teaching and research. We have a large, distinguished, and collegial department, diverse in both focus and methodological approaches.

Our graduates go on to pursue careers, nationally and internationally, in university teaching and research, research-oriented positions in government or private agencies, or in a variety of fields such as law, journalism, and business.

You are encouraged to explore our website to find faculty members whose expertise matches your own research plans and interests. In addition, Chemistry is the host department for a recently established “2+2” joint Ph.D. program of the Soochow University-Western University Centre for Synchrotron Radiation Research. We also encourage you to contact any of them, or to contact Darlene McDonald, the Graduate Program Advisor, or Prof. Yang Song, “2+2” program coordinator, or Prof. Paul Ragogna, the Graduate Chair, for further information on applying.

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