Closed Vacancies

Communications Specialist

The Communications Specialist will work in collaboration with the Executive Director, the BrainsCAN team, Communications & Public Affairs and Research Western to determine the direction of communications and marketing strategies for BrainsCAN. The incumbent will manage the development, implementation, monitoring and assessment of a broad range of communications and marketing initiatives, with a goal of building and promoting BrainsCAN's brand, reputation, and an awareness of research initiatives, locally, nationally, and internationally. The Communications Specialist will determine the most effective communications and marketing programs and initiatives to implement in order to achieve strategic outcomes, and will provide advice on related matters. The incumbent will protect, promote, and enhance the reputation of BrainsCAN, the University and its people by effectively managing communications strategies, generating positive news and media coverage of the University, and ensuring adherence with University communication and branding policies and guidelines. The incumbent will lead and oversee a variety of events within BrainsCAN, with different purposes, audiences and content.

Vacancy: 1 Closed: 2018/02/01

3T/7T Research MRI Technologist

The Research MRI Technologist provides support to the CFMM Core facility operation, core faculty, and staff along with clinical, scientific and industrial collaborators. The incumbent will use their specialized training and certification in the radiological discipline of MRI with expertise in a research setting and is responsible for the safe and ethical operation of the human MRI scanners, and is ultimately accountable for the safety of the MRI subjects along with the research and/or clinical staff. This role serves as an MRI technologist for the human MRI core facility (3T and 7T) at the CFMM. The CFMM serves well over 100 principle investigators, both local, national and international, each with multiple projects involving students, post-doctoral fellows, research assistants and research participants who are under the immediate supervision of the MRI operator. The MRI research and services provided within the CFMM generate revenues exceeding $1.2M per year – money which is used to help cover the costs and expenses of operating the facility.

Vacancy: 1 Closed: 2018/01/30

Associate/Assistant Professor - Computational Neuroscience

The Faculty of Science is inviting applications from exceptional investigators for two probationary (tenure-track) faculty positions at the rank of Assistant or Associate Professor in Computational Neuroscience. The rank of the successful applicants will be commensurate with qualifications and experience. These unique appointments are initially funded through BrainsCAN (, a $66M initiative funded by the Canada First Research Excellence Fund at Western University, and allow a research-intensive focus for the first 5 years of the appointment. Successful candidates will be provided a yearly research budget for this period, and will be eligible for further internal funding including research accelerator awards, and support for postdoctoral research fellows and PhD students. Given this unique federally funded research-intensive stream, candidates are not eligible to hold Canadian federal Tri-council funding as a PI for the BrainsCAN funded period, but may hold other grants. Candidates are expected to transition to a well-funded research program including Tri-council sources by the end of the 5-year period.

Vacancies: 2 Closed: 2018/01/25

Community Research Coordinator

Reporting to the Director of the BrainsCAN Human Cognition and Sensorimotor Core (HCS Core), the Community Research Coordinator will work in collaboration with faculty, trainees and research teams on BrainsCAN research projects. The incumbent is responsible for facilitating recruitment, enrollment, scheduling and retention of research participants living in the community for BrainsCAN research projects, ensuring compliance with policies and procedures related to ethical standards, research and privacy. The incumbent liaises with London area health organizations, associations, school boards, and support groups for the recruitment of research participants, by establishing effective relationships and promoting and responding to inquiries related to the research. The Community Research Coordinator supports the development and management of a research participant database, provides progress reports and data for use by the research team. The incumbent participates in the development of marketing materials, identifies and acts on opportunities to increase awareness of BrainsCAN-related research involving community participants, and liaises with a variety of stakeholders to build research capacity and ensure the successful coordination of all tasks to achieve the research outcomes.

Closed: 2017/11/12

Sleep & Electrophysiology Laboratory Coordinator

The Sleep and Electrophysiology Laboratory Coordinator is a member of the Human Behavioral Core Facility supporting the work of BrainsCAN researchers, trainees and students. The Coordinator is responsible for the sleep lab including procurement of recording equipment, scheduling of studies, ensuring the smooth operation and maintenance of the laboratory facility and equipment. The incumbent will provide effective and efficient management of the laboratory in all respects, and ensure that faculty members, postdoctoral scholars and students have the required information, guidance, documentation, and resources required. The incumbent will act as a point person for health and safety issues, conduct inspections to ensure safe laboratory practices are employed, and assist in the resolution of issues that arise in the laboratories. The Coordinator will also participate in experimental design, perform laboratory techniques, and train staff, students and other users of the facility.

Closed: 2017/11/08

Clinical Research Recruitment Coordinator

The Clinical Research Recruitment Coordinator identifies, develops and maintains an effective relationship with clinical staff (neurologists, neurosurgeons, nursing staff, and other allied health professions) and Canada First Research Excellence Fund (CFREF) BrainsCAN faculty and trainees to support the administration and management of research projects involving patients at the London Health Sciences Centre, St. Joseph's Health Care, Parkwood Hospital and Victoria Hospital. The incumbent works closely with clinical personnel, to provide strategic consulting for identifying and recruiting research participants, responds to inquiries related to the research projects, provides supervision of trainees in the implementation and management of clinical studies, and reports to the Director of the BrainsCAN Human Cognition and Sensorimotor (HCS) Core.

The Clinical Research Recruitment Coordinator will contribute to the development, coordination, and evaluation of project goals. The incumbent troubleshoots problems at all stages of project development and implementation through recruiting participants, scheduling, and conducting interviews or other assessments related to the research. The incumbent liaises with a variety of stakeholders to build research capacity and ensure the successful coordination of all tasks to achieve the research outcomes.

Research Technician

The Research Technician will work in collaboration to provide technical development and support for the effective operation of the laboratory and will support BrainsCAN research through assisting with the operation, troubleshooting and servicing of equipment and instrumentation. The incumbent will assist with laboratory preparation and organization, ensure the timely availability of materials and instruments related to the laboratory and order supplies using pre-established guidelines. The Research Technician will operate and schedule the set-up of sophisticated laboratory apparatus and equipment for use in experiments, make recommendations for, and assist with determining, the optimal protocols and equipment for use in the conduct of experiments and will make recommendations for the refinement of lab procedures to increase efficiency and productivity. The incumbent will also provide training and oversight to researchers, staff and students to ensure compliance with health and safety standards. 

Research Associate - Neuroimaging Analyst

The Research Associate, Neuroimaging Analyst will apply their expertise and knowledge to support ongoing research projects directed by the principal investigators of the BrainsCAN initiative. The incumbent will become part of BrainsCAN’s Computational Core, which aims to develop new computational techniques for the analysis of behavioral, brain imaging, and neuronal data. The incumbent will play a lead role in training staff, students and postdoctoral fellows in the application of data analysis and modelling techniques. The incumbent will have developed an independent method-based research portfolio, and will support and operationalize new and innovative computational techniques. Working with individual laboratories, the incumbent will help to develop research and project plans, advise on data analysis techniques and statistical inference related to neuroimaging and electrophysiological research, and assist in the technical and statistical aspects of manuscripts and research reports. 

Neuroinfomatics Specialist

BrainsCAN is seeking an experienced Neuroinfomatics Specialist to support this ground-breaking research to better understand disorders such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, traumatic brain injury and Schizophrenia. The Neuroinfomatics Specialist will be accountable for the development and application of novel algorithms, computational models, integrative methods, database and image analysis. The incumbent will lead efforts to generate open access and searchable databases as well as automated quality control for touchscreen data and matching optical recordings of neuronal calcium (for example with GCaMP6) with behavior. The Specialist will be responsible for creating new software and using a variety of program languages to drive the efforts for database generation, analysing behavioral and optical data, content for manuscripts, scientific reports, and disseminating information, and will be expected to play a role in guiding the scientific direction of the BrainsCAN Rodent Cognition Core. The incumbent will interact with and help to oversee trainees, and will work in collaboration with other lab staff, postdoctoral fellows and students. 

Research Associate - Touchscreen Platforms

BrainsCAN is seeking an experienced Research Associate, Touchscreen Platforms to support this ground-breaking research to better understand disorders such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, traumatic brain injury and Schizophrenia. The Research Associate will conduct multiple experiments to generate ‘platforms’ for drug discovery, which use the right combination of mouse model and cognitive test working together, to reveal a reproducible cognitive impairment that can be therapeutically remediated. Once identified, such platforms can be confidently used repeatedly to screen potential therapies for cognitive impairments. The primary responsibility of the Research Associate will be to explore the potential of a number of such platforms that are amenable to high-throughput, touchscreen-based behavioural screening. 

Research Associate - In Vivo Circuit Techniques

 BrainsCAN is seeking an experienced Research Associate, Advanced In Vivo Circuit Techniques to support this ground-breaking research to better understand disorders such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, traumatic brain injury and Schizophrenia. The Research Associate will lead experiments involving manipulation of brain circuits in rodent models (using e.g., DREADDs, optogenetics, pharmacology, genetic models) and sophisticated assessment of cognition using mainly touchscreen-based tasks. There may also be a component of the work that involves translation of the cognitive tests to human participants. In this context, the Research Associate will be responsible for conducting experiments and analysing data, writing manuscripts, scientific reports, and disseminating information, and will be expected to play a role in guiding the scientific direction of the RCC including grant writing. The incumbent will interact with and help to oversee trainees, and will work in collaboration with other lab staff, postdoctoral fellows and students.

Knowledge Mobilization & Impact Manager

The Knowledge Mobilization and Impact Manager will lead and implement the development of a Knowledge Mobilization and Impact Strategy to support knowledge mobilization and impact development and to profile and promote the quality of BrainsCAN research to external partners. The incumbent will also initiate and lead large high-dollar, complex, multiple stakeholder, project based initiatives (strategic initiatives) and support grant applications for BrainsCAN Principal Investigators.

Communications/Web Development Officer

Working closely with the Executive Director, BrainsCAN Team and the Central Communications team, the Communications Officer is responsible for supporting the development, implementation and maintenance of the primary BrainsCAN website, social media presence and other related sites. This position also ensures that all edits to websites are completed and that website content is up to date. The incumbent will work on several projects that require a varied set of skills: graphic design, web development, content management, interactive media, SEO, social media and others.

Manager, Finance & Administration

The Manager, Administration & Finance will manage the efficient coordination of administrative operations for BrainsCAN. The incumbent will provide guidance and support for a wide range of administrative, human resources, and financial functions and processes, and ensure they are carried out in compliance with all of Western's relevant administrative policies and procedures. The Manager will advise the Executive Director in the resolution of administrative issues, and monitor and manage physical and financial resources and supplies. The incumbent will also provide project support, participate in relevant committees, and ensure the availability of necessary documentation, resources and information.

Project Manager/Metrics Analyst

Working closely with the Executive Director and immediate BrainsCAN team, the Project Manager/Metrics Analyst is responsible for the creation and implementation of a project plan which clearly identifies when milestones and outputs will be required and delivered; the monitoring and continual management of the risk and issue logs, documenting the resolution of issues at the project level where possible and making judgment on when to escalate to the Executive Director; written or verbal reports to project steering groups, Program Board or other oversight body as required; development and implementation of a comprehensive, metric-based, performance reporting strategy and preparing regular 'performance dashboard' reports for the Executive Committee and the Board. The incumbent will also assist the Executive Director to monitor deliverables and oversee production of periodic reports for the Executive Committee and the International Scientific Advisory Board. Working with the Knowledge Exchange and Impact Manager, the incumbent will develop and implement the stakeholder engagement strategy to maximize the significance and reach of the project research impact.

Research Software Engineer VASST Laboratory

The Research Software Engineer works with over 100 researchers, and 150 trainees and students to define, develop, test, analyze, and maintain software tools for post-processing and data analysis for medical images. The role provides theoretical and technical advice and input into all stages of algorithm creation processes, from brainstorming to implementation and software lifecycle management.   The incumbent will provide guidance to other members of the VASST team, ensuring projects remain on track and researchers continue to receive the best possible service. The incumbent is responsible for continuous research, analysis, and acquisition of new knowledge regarding relevant software developments. Through participative membership in software development, higher education and research consortiums, list-services and established partnerships, the incumbent is accountable for promoting these and other informative resources to the team.

Research Technician

The Research Technician provides technical execution of multiple research protocols involving small animals related to genotype and touchscreen behavioural testing in mice. The incumbent reports via regular meetings with Principle Investigators and other research staff to review ongoing projects, plan future projects, and anticipate future needs with respect to animal protocols. The incumbent is responsible for providing animal husbandry, genotyping and maintaining mouse colonies, and assisting with technical services and procedures. The
incumbent will report any physical or behavioural abnormalities, and will complete and maintain documentation and records related to animal care and procedures ensuring that animals are cared for according to Canadian Council on Animal Care (CCAC) and American College of Veterinary Services (ACVS) guidelines. The Research Technician will perform all tasks, under the direction of their supervisor, related to animal care, husbandry of mice, tissue collection, and genotyping in adherence to relevant guidelines, and set protocols and procedures to ensure compliance with regulatory and departmental requirements. The incumbent will demonstrate sincere compassion for animals, and will advocate for the welfare of animals under their care by promptly following up with animal care leadership regarding any environmental, experimental or health concerns. 

Executive Director

The Executive Director provides leadership to operational teams within BrainsCAN and will work in collaboration with other leaders to develop, implement and monitor processes that ensure the success of research at Western and compliance with granting agency and other regulations. The Executive Director is the key staff resource to the Board with respect to all research group initiatives and operations. The incumbent will reinforce and advance Western's reputation for excellence in research, and ensure that strategies are developed to sustain successful administration of research funds within a large diverse research community. The Executive Director will identify opportunities for process improvements, and design and/or revise practices, with appropriate controls, to ensure that risks are mitigated. The incumbent will develop an extensive knowledge of local, national and international research funding opportunities, and help facilitate the achievement of strategic plans related to research.