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Dorinda Brickenden: What’s in a name?

While the name Dorinda perhaps appeared first in the pages of an eighteenth century novel, the Brickenden awards are certainly a contemporary feature of London’s theatre scene. Equestrians across Canada will recognize the name of an accomplished competitor and horse breeder, but a small boy, struggling with his older sister’s name, coined the nickname which remains with Dorinda through three marriages and an illustrious career: Dinnie.

Dr. Peter Rechneitzer told Dinnie he planned to develop an applied research centre to study the effects of physical activity in older adults, and Dinnie enthusiastically joined when the CCAA offered fitness classes.  A regular in the 8.15 combined class, Dinnie initially had reservations about strength training.  Fearing the development of unsightly muscular bulges, she was relieved to learn that this was unlikely unless she took steroids.  Dinnie practices a unique upright row in the weight room: grasping the handles of a fixed theraband, she pulls back on alternate sides while gracefully turning from side to side (a truly functional exercise for daily living activities, if you happen to be a lifelong horsewoman).  To the envy of her classmates, Dinnie regularly lifts 200 lbs. on the Leg Press machine.

Stationed on P.E.I. from 1942-44, Dinnie scouted U-boats from a hotel roof and was instrumental in the capture of a German spy. She lives on a farm just north of London, has three children, many stepchildren and stepgrandchildren, and several stepgreatgrandchildrenbut no grandchildren (her italics).  She attended an English boarding school, the University of Western Ontario and the Sorbonne in Paris. Dorinda Brickenden, Dorinda Hall-Holland, Dorinda Fuller, Dorinda Greenway – the name is simply Dinnie.  Tally Ho! Top

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