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CCAA Graduate Student is awarded the Canadian Institute of Health Research Aging Age Plus Award

cihr logo smallCCAA Neuromuscular Lab graduate student Geoffrey Power (with co-authors Brian H. Dalton, David G. Behm, Anthony A. Vandervoort, Timothy J. Doherty, and Charles L. Rice) ,  was recently awarded the Age Plus Award for his publication entitled:  “Motor Unit Number Estimates in Masters Runners: Use It or Lose It” published in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise.   The Age Plus is designed to recognise excellence in research on aging carried out in Canada by graduate and postdoctoral students.  Geoff’s work demonstrated that lifelong high-intensity physical activity (e.g. in runners) could potentially mitigate the loss of motor units associated with aging well into the seventh decade of life.

Geoff carries on the tradition of CCAA graduate students conducting relevant and recognized work in the area of physical activity and aging.  Previous winners of the prize include Dr. Darren Delorey and Dr. Liza Stathokostas while they were graduate students at the CCAA research laboratories.


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Dr. Liza Stathokostas
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