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Basic and Applied research activities are the foundation of the CCAA’s community-based physical activity classes for seniors and the leadership training courses for individuals who work with the aging population. Basic and applied research is conducted by researchers and graduate students in the Faculty of Health Sciences. The Community Outreach team is also responsible for many of the CCAA's applied research projects which take place off campus at the Mount and in the community.


water bottleStay Fit and Hydrated During the Summer!

Stay cool and fit with the top tips for staying hydrated while exercising during the warm Summer months.

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American College of Sports Medicine Annual Meeting 2012

san fran ACSM smMany CCAA researchers and graduate students are heading to San Francisco to present their work in the area of exercise and aging at the American College of Sports Medicine Annual meeting- May 29 - June 2, 2012.  Best wishes for a productive and fun conference!!  Check out the full list of presentations.



From the Research Junction

Can Weight Training Boost the Aging Brain?

Submitted by Dr. Liza Stathokostas, CCAA Researcher

free weightsRecently the media reported on a study that examined the effects of resistance training on “cognitive function” in Seniors.   A sample of headlines includes: “Resistance Training May Stave Off Dementia” and “‎Training with weights can help seniors in battle with dementia”.

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matt spencerCongratulations Matt!

Matt Spencer, a doctoral candidate with Dr. Don Paterson in the CCAA Cardiorespiratory Laboratory successfully defended his PhD thesis this month.  Matt's thesis title was "Non-Invasive Examination of the Role of Local Muscle O2 Delivery in Determining VO2 Kinetics During Moderate-Intensity ‘Step’ and Ramp Incremental Exercise". 

Matt is heading to Kobe, Japan to work with Dr. Shunsaku Koga at Kobe Design University for a 2 month (June & July) research term!  We wish Matt the best of luck and hope to see Matt as a faculty member at a Canadian University soon!


The Seventeenth
Canadian Centre for Activity and Aging
Peter A. Rechnitzer Lecture

Human Skeletal Muscle:
Our Maginificent Energy Producer for Movement and Exercise
Lawrence L. Spriet, Phd
University of Guelph
ROOM 35, Arthur & Sonia Labatt Health Sciences Building, Western University

puzzle junctionThe Research Junction is up and running!

Check out the place where research and community meet to read the latest news from CCAA Researcher, Dr. Liza Stathokostas. She's been busy keeping cool while finding out the best ways to stay healthy while exercising in hot weather and chatting with Dr. Shilpa Dogra in the Cardiorespiratory Research Lab.

Read more by visiting the Research Junction page.

New Physical Activity Guidelines Launched!

Learn more or download a PDF of the new guidelines by visiting the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP) website.

Key Message!

Older adults need to accumulate 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous- intensity aerobic physical activity per week!

Read the Western News article

The Western News recently published an article about the new Physical Activity Guidelines. CCAA Research Director, Dr. Don Paterson, who has been actively involved in crafting the new guidelines from the beginning, was interviewed for the story. Read the Western News Article.

Reconnecting with our Roots

We invite you to delve deeper into the history of the Canadian Centre for Activity and Aging by reading Short Introduction to the History of the Centre for Activity and Ageing. This manuscript was recently submitted by former Centre for Activity and Ageing director and research director, Dr. David Cunningham and will serve as an important reminder of our humble beginnings.

If you are craving more information about the history of the Centre for Activity and Ageing and development of the Canadian Centre for Activity and Aging please visit Development of the Centre for Activity and Ageing at Western also by Dr. Cunningham.

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