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Graduate Students

Cardiorespiratory Lab

Andrea Marjerrison, PhD Candidate

Andrea is currently a PhD candidate at the CCAA under the direction of Dr. John Kowalchuk. She completed her undergraduate degree in Kinesiology at Brock University, followed by a Master’s degree at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana. She is currently at UWO working on a project designed to examine the contribution of respiratory muscles to exercise. In her spare time Andrea enjoys competing in sporting events including her first half ironman this summer.

Andrea's peer-reviewed publications

matt spencerMatt Spencer, PhD Candidate

Matt Spencer began his doctoral studies in cardiovascular exercise physiology under the supervision of Dr. Donald H. Paterson in September, 2007. After completing his undergraduate degree (BSc. in Human Kinetics) at St. Francis Xavier University in his hometown of Antigonish, NS, he earned a M.Sc. in Kinesiology from the University of Saskatchewan before spending two years as an instructor back at StFX. His research primarily focuses on the metabolic and cardiovascular responses to exercise during the transition between work rates with a particular interest in the rate of adjustment in oxygen consumption and muscle deoxygenation. Since 2009, Matt has been an assistant coach with the UWO women’s basketball team.

Matt's peer-reviewed publications.

Alex Williams, MSc Candidate

Alex is currently a second-year Master’s student in the CCAA’s cardiovascular lab, under the supervision of Dr. John Kowalchuk. She completed her undergraduate studies here at Western in 2009, graduating with a Bachelor of Medical Science (Honors Physiology) degree. Her current research is examining the effects of high intensity interval training on the rate of oxygen uptake at the level of the muscle in young men, with a particular interest in the speeding of oxygen kinetics at lower and higher metabolic rates, and how responses at those two levels may or may not differ.

Kaitlin McLay, MSc Candidate

Kaitlin was raised on a family farm on the Bruce Peninsula near Lion’s Head, ON.  She studied Biological Sciences at the University of Guelph before coming to Western in September 2010.  She is currently working towards an MSc degree under the supervision of Dr. Donald H. Paterson, and is studying the acute effects of resistance training on VO2 kinetics and flow-mediated dilation in both young and older adults.  In her free time Kaitlin enjoys spending time with friends and family, traveling, and a variety of outdoor activities, such as horseback riding, hiking and canoeing. 


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Neuromuscular Lab

Brad Harwood, PhD Candidate

Cam Smith, PhD Candidate

Geoff Power, PhD Candidate

geoff powerGeoff Power is currently in his 4th year of Doctoral studies in the School of Kinesiology under the supervision of Dr. Anthony Vandervoort.  His research interests include: the effect of fatigue and muscle damage on short-term velocity-dependent power loss and recovery in young and old men and women.  Additionally, Geoff employs a masters athletes model to investigate the effects of high levels of life-long physical activity on typical age-related changes to the neuromuscular system.  In 2009 Geoff was the recipient of the NLCAHR Healthy Aging Research award and was recently awarded the 2011 CIHR Age+ Prize.  In his extra time Geoff is an avid cyclist.

Geoff's peer-reviewed publications.

Matti Allen, PhD Candidate

Matti completed his MSc in clinical neuromuscular physiology in 2009, during which his projects focused on the impact of focal nerve damage on muscular strength and endurance in patient populations. He is currently continuing his studies as a PhD student under the supervision of Dr. Charles Rice at the CCAA’s Neuromuscular Lab. His current research interests include investigating the effects of heart disease on neuromuscular health as well as characterizing the interactions between type II diabetes and aging on the peripheral nervous and muscular systems.

Matti's peer-reviewed publications.

Will Booth, MSc Candidate

william boothWilliam Booth is a 2nd year Masters student in the School of Kinesiology under the supervision of Dr. Greg Marsh.  William’s research focuses on the loss of skeletal muscle mass, strength and function that occurs with aging.  William uses the 3T MRI at St.Joseph’s Health Care to determine muscle volumes and the Biodex at the Neuromuscular Laboratory at UWO to record muscle contractile properties. William is also the defensive backs coach for the London Falcons OVFL team.


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