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Biography - Nancy Ecclestone

NancyDuring her 15 year career at the Canadian Centre for Activity and Aging (CCAA) Nancy made the transition from research coordinator/computer programmer (1987-1989) to coordinator of the Centre's programs (1989-95) and then Director of the Centre (1995 - 2002), after officially retiring she continued to play an active role on the CCAA Board. For more than 20 years Nancy played a vital role in the overall development of the Centre, from innovative exercise programs to a national agenda for the Canadian Centre for Activity and Aging.

In 1990, the community outreach team was comprised of a single staff member. However, the team continued to grow into seven full-time staff, each member contributing expertise in exercise physiology, program evaluation, educational program development, fitness leadership and psychosocial counselling. Since its inception the community outreach team has focused on translating CCAA research findings and ensuring those findings contribute to the development of the CCAA’s innovative model exercise programs and national leadership training courses.  The community outreach team has published peer-reviewed papers in the areas of community exercise programming, home exercise programs, and functional exercise intervention for those living in long-term care facilities.

It was Nancy who championed the Centre's mandate to include support for activity and rehabilitation programs to reach those who were homebound or living in long-term care facilities. These education and training programs would not have been possible without substantial financial support. Nancy was successful in acquiring funds from numerous granting agencies and health organizations to support the community outreach initiatives. The Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care Division and Health Canada have both been staunch supporters of the CCAA's applied research initiatives. Their support, along with many other local, provincial and federal agencies, has helped to spread the CCAA's education and training programs across Canada and internationally.
In the academic field of Gerontology Nancy established herself as an international expert in the area of aging and physical activity research. She co-authored several peer-reviewed publications and has made numerous keynote presentations at national and international conferences, which included visits to Brazil, Germany, Scotland and the United States. In 2001, Nancy successfully applied to the International Society on Aging and Physical Activity (ISAPA) to host the 6th World Congress on Physical Activity and Aging in London, Ontario. She then went on to chair the very successful event in 2004.

After retiring Nancy became an active Board member, serving several provincial and national gerontology organizations. Within these organizations she continued to lobby for physical activity as a means to promote the functional independence of all older Canadians, with particular attention directed towards those accessing home care and long-term care assistance.
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