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National Leadership Training Initiatives Project

The National Leadership Training Initiative Project was established to develop guidelines for training leaders of physical activity programs for older adults. The objective of this three year project was based on the goals outlined in the national Blueprint for Action for Active Living and Older Adults:

  • Develop competent leaders in active living who can meet the needs and interests of older adults
  • Strengthen delivery systems and improve levels of cooperation, in active living and older adults
  • Identify, support and share research priorities and results on aging and active living

Representatives for various organizations across Canada, related to senior’s health were invited to participate in writing these guidelines. The primary objectives of theses consultations were to determine what competencies exercise leaders required and to address issues of dissemination and implementation of the guidelines on a national basis. To accommodate the varied education and experience of workers in each sector three separate sets of guidelines were developed.

To receive an electronic copy of either the English or French versions of the leadership guidelines, please contact the Canadian Centre for Activity and Aging (519) 661-1603 or by e-mail at




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