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Engaging Travel | Part 1

Equinox Fitness Clubs, Los Angeles and Palo Alto, California

CCAA Project Coordinator, Jamie Corkal

california beachOver the past two months, I have had the exceptional experience of working with some of the most outstanding Personal Trainers from Equinox Fitness at their Century City (Los Angeles) and Palo Alto locations. The partnership that was created between the CCAA and Equinox Fitness was to provide training and instruction in the realm of activity and aging to these Personal Trainers. These workshops allowed both the Personal Trainers and I to explore numerous topics in physical activity and aging to help enhance our knowledge in this area. Topics that were covered in both workshops included common myths and misconceptions of aging and exercise, physiological changes of aging, exercise prescription guidelines for healthy adults and older adults, exercising with a chronic condition, and functional activity measures.

The two Equinox Fitness clubs that I visited were second to none in regards to the fitness industry. From the warm welcome I received at reception to the equipment in the gym, everything was top-notch and a great overall experience. The Trainers were also a great group both in Century City and Palo Alto. Everyone was excited to take part in the learning experience, which facilitated a very discussion-based workshop that was engaging, educational and fun for all involved.

california beach 2A special thanks to Geralyn Coopersmith for contacting us at the CCAA and giving me this wonderful opportunity to both travel and teach in the USA. As well as to Matthew Berenc and Christopher Gaines, the two Fitness Managers at Century City and Palo Alto respectively, and of course all the other trainers who I had the pleasure to meet and learn from during my time with them.

We at the CCAA are looking forward to our upcoming presentations in Chicago and New York and hope to develop this partnership into the future.



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