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Erratics and Errata: Printing between Horizons
David Armstrong (2000)

One Day: Technology, Tactics and Time
Dana J. Dansereau (2000)

Conflicts and Contractiions: Questions of Excess, Autonomy and Value within Artistic Production
Toni Latour (2000)

Maymee Ying Lum (2000)

Moonscapes and Menus: Artistic Production, Personal Experience and the Analogy of Hibernation
Paola V. Poletto (2000)

Ethnic Limbs: Diasporic Memory
Olexander S. Wlasenko (2000)

(in) between the space(s) of terror i find fragments of my memory
Kim Dawn Graham (1999)

A Visual Re-Presentation of the World and the Philosophical Self
Marc G. Lebreche (1999)

Christine Shaw (1999)

Carrying Wet Laundry & Starting Fires
Christy L. Thompson (1999)

Homo Sweet Homo
David Grenier (1998)

Stories and Iyahlogues
Franklyn George (1997)

A Journey Through Iroquois Myths, Legends, Icons and History
Shelley Niro (1997)

Some Current Problems with Painting
Andy Patton (1997)

Otherwise Than Seeing
Kim Simon (1997)

Waltzing in Now-Time
Sharon Switzer (1997)