Xiaowen Kou

Screenshots of 6 webpages taken on a mobile phone, arranged into one image showing different points of interaction on a website.

Create another you.
Date: 2019
Website http://globalvirtual24.com/index/firstpage.html

Photo of Xiaowen Kou

Xiaowen Kou

Artist biography

As an artist, I like to discover interesting changes in life, like a new scar on my body or a new idea appearing in my mind. I begin by refining and exploring something deep in my memory, like a disastrous experience or an event in my family life. Art comes from life. I explore the use of art to record and recall these memories. Even an old photograph could be a source of my inspiration. I like to communicate my artwork in an indirect and even childlike way and allow my ideas to resonate with the audience’s own experience.

In the past, I have done painting but now I would like to explore different mediums. Recently, I have become interested in Neo-Baroque contemporary art, which blurs the boundary between the real and the virtual. It is a combination of contemporary new media presents a new artistic way to the audience. I use website building and coding to make my artwork so that I can express the contrast between the real and the virtual world. I think interaction between the work and the audience is essential because when the audiences members are brought into work, they can think about the meaning deeply. In the process of creating works, I try to investigate my style and find things around us that are often overlooked. I want to encourage people to have a spirit of suspicion. Because people now believe more and more in the objective facts and science. I want to subvert the audience's mind with my work and make people question what they believe to be objective facts. Before, people were bound by religion to believe that the earth was flat. Modern people’s thoughts and ideas are also imprisoned. As an artist, I remind people that there is more to explore in the world.

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Photo of a left-facing figure standing in a snowy scene with a wall of green code acting as a barrier between them and the natural world behind them.
Photo of a figure standing on a line of information occupying a lane of traffic with an urban street behind them.

Date: 2020
Material: Video

Screenshot of a computer screen with code and a layout displayed for the project being worked on.

Inside the artist's studio