Effective Date: 28JUN00
Supersedes: (New)

The University of Western Ontario's space on the World Wide Web is composed of thousands of Web pages on many different Internet servers across campus. All University-based Web pages -- whether they be personal, instructional, or administrative -- should be of the highest quality of presentation and accuracy. Individuals who are responsible the maintenance of Web-based materials on campus must adhere to current codes of behavior and acceptable use policies for University-based computing resources. This policy addresses the specific issue of Web resources that are to be deemed official web pages of The University of Western Ontario.
1.00 Official Web sites provide information and services that advance the academic and institutional goals of The University of Western Ontario. Units that can publish Official Web sites include the following:
  • Academic Units including faculties, departments, schools and programs.
  • Research Centres and Units (such as Type 3 Research Centres)
  • Administrative Departments
  • Ancillary and Retail Services (such as the Book Store)
  • Student Services such as the Centre for New Students, Student Health Services, the Student Development Centre, etc.
  • University-Recognized Student, Staff and Faculty Organizations.

These groups or units can place their official web pages on Western's main web server (www.uwo.ca).

2.00 All official sites will be listed alphabetically in an index that will provide Web users with access to information and services at UWO.
3.00 The units and groups identified in 1.00 may also recognize a short term or special purpose site published by an individual or group on campus. Such officially recognized sites will also be included in alphabetic listings of University web sites under a special category. Some examples of hosted sites include a site established:

  • to promote and support a special academic event such as a major conference,
  • to promote and support a cooperative partnership between the University and another organization,
  • to support the work of a disciplinary or interdisciplinary research group,
  • to promote and support an institution-wide initiative of the University, which is located at Western but serves the broader academic community.

These sites are "hosted" in the sense that they are located at Western and are recognized by official authority as being important contributors to the institutional goals of teaching, research or service. The University is not obligated to provide these sites with Web space. They may be located on their own server or within the server space which has been allocated the unit or group which is providing official recognition.

4.00 An official site of The University of Western Ontario is an authoritative publication of the University. As such the publishing unit or group is as accountable for the quality and accuracy of the online content as they are for any publication which carries the University's name. As with any official publication, ultimate responsibility and accountability for the site rests with head of the unit or group which is publishing the site, e.g., department chair, dean, director, senior administrator, or president of an association.
5.00 Official University Web sites should have a clearly identified individual who has operational responsibility for the ongoing maintenance of the online content. This Information Provider will be the first point of contact for complaints and/or improvement suggestions relating to the Web site.
5.01 The Information Provider is responsible for creating/maintaining of the official site and will complete and sign an Official UWO Web Site Agreement. This agreement spells out the obligations attached to official web site status. When the information on the Information Provider and Technical Support Person have been completed, the form is sent to the head of the sponsoring unit or recognized group for signature.
5.02 In the case of a special purpose temporary site, e.g., a site established to help promote and support a major conference, a site expiration date should be included on the form so that the site will no longer be officially listed or linked after a certain date.
6.00 The Unit Head has ultimate responsibility for asking for Official or Hosted Status. In the case of Official Status, this is the head of the unit or group which is publishing the site, e.g., department chair, dean, director, senior director, or president of an association. In the case of Hosted Status, the site must be recognized by the head of the sponsoring unit or recognized group.
6.01 The Information Provider will brief the Unit Head regarding the need for the site and its purpose.
6.02 The Unit Head will complete the agreement, give a copy to the Information Provider and forward the original to the UWO Web Manager, c/o Information Technology Services, Natural Sciences Centre.
7.00 The Information Providers must comply with University policies and procedures governing appropriate use of computer resources.