Interested in attending TEDxWesternU: The Butterfly Effect? Everything you need to know about how to attend our conference can be found below!

Coming Soon!

Applications to attend TEDxWesternU: The Butterfly Effect will open in the near future. Thank you to all those interested! The selection committee will then be reviewing all applications carefully and email invitations will be sent out. 


The ticket price for this year’s TEDxWesternU conference is $40 + applicable taxes and fees. Payment will only be required after receiving an official email invitation to become a delegate. Ticket fees include a full day of speaker sessions, a catered lunch, snacks, and gift bags.

Selection process

Wondering why we have a registration and selection process? Well, as TEDx is operated under license from TED, our event has a limited seat capacity available. As a result, there is a high demand to be part of our audience and a selection committee is there to help review delegate applications and help assemble a diverse group of individuals.

Quick overview of our selection process:
  • All applications will be blind-reviewed, meaning the names of each applicant will be hidden so only the the merit of answers will be considered.
  • Our selection committee, which consists of members of the Executive team, will review and score all applications.
  • Highest-scoring applicants will receive an email invitation to complete the ticket purchase.
  • Applicants must finalize their ticket purchase by the specified date in your email invitation.
  • If you have not made your ticket purchase by the specified time then this will be considered a forfeit of your ticket, which will then be moved to the next person on our waitlist.