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Grant Amount: UP TO $50,000 FOR ONE YEAR
Deadline: Dean's: Contact your Faculty Research Office for deadline details.
Internal: Oct 26, 2015
Sponsor's: Nov 02, 2015

Subject Areas:
Description: The CDA invites applications for a targeted research grant on stigma and diabetes. Researchers intending to use either quantitative or qualitative methods, or both, are eligible to apply. Research can be conducted on any type of diabetes. The intended outcomes of the research are to (1) lead to a better understanding of stigma as it relates to people affected by diabetes and (2) impact policy to better support the needs of this population.

Application Details: Applications will include Common CVs (exported and attached as a PDF) and supporting documents for all applicants and co-applicants; a structured lay summary of the proposed work; a research proposal and supporting documents; a summary of financial assistance requested; and signatures. Please see Appendix 2 for a description and page limits of each inclusion. All attachments must be uploaded in PDF format.Proposals will be submitted by November 2 2015, 20:00 hrs EST through the application portal found on the 2015 Research Competition page of the CDA website.
NOTE: All Letters of Intent and Full Applications must be processed through Research Development & Services for institutional approval. Requests for Institutional approvals should be received no less than 3 days prior to the posted Sponsor deadline. A ROLA Proposal (bearing applicant, Chair and Dean electronic approvals) is required for each submission.
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1400-522 University Ave
TORONTO, Ontario, Canada
416 3633373