The Body Politic ~ Index 1982
Rainbow Line
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Ontario Finally Says No to Legal Protections for Gay People Chris Bearchell 8-9
Canadian Gay Archives Wins Charity Battle Craig Patterson 15
Calcutta, New Year's 1981 Peter Jackson 22-23
Interview: David Sereda, Young West-Coast Singer Stephen MacDonald 25
Who We Were, Who We Are Gerald Hannon 31-37
Why I Write for the Body Politic Jane Rule 38
Comics: Homo Martyrs of the Revolution Gary Ostrom 55
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The Raids a Year Later Gerald Hannon 10
May 31 Trial Date Set for TBP's Next Round   18
France Scraps Last Legal Discrimination   19
No More Guilt! A Night on the Town with Seven Sisters John Allec 29-31
Short Story: In Plain Words Heidi Laudon 32
Interview: Mary Meigs Gary Bell & Michael Lynch 33-35
Hollywood's New Homos?   36-37
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Title Author Pages
Coast to Coast Feminism: Rallies, Fairs, Marches & Dances in Celebration of Defiant Women Chris Bearchell 9
U of T Gay Awareness Week a Hit Philip Fotheringham 10
Rural Outreach: "What? Gay People Here?" Philip Fotheringham 11
Wisconsin Passes Gay Rights Bill   19
Kenneth Anger: Pioneering Film Maker Robin Hardy & Michael Wade 29-32
The Leather Menance, Comments on Politics & S/M Gayle Rubin 33-34
Making Love Times Three: Seeing the Film with Three Different Audiences Robin Wood & Richard Kippe 36
Lust With a Very Proper Stranger Agnus MacKenzie 40
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Kitchener: Beating City Hall Wayne P. Bell 9-10
Gay Patrol: A Different Kind of Streetwalking Danny Cockerline 10
Will We Get the Hepatitis B Vaccine We Helped Make? Bill Lewis 11
Irish Customs Seize Gay News   17
Sappho at 83: Excerpt from Elsa Gidlow's Autobiography   27-30
Victor/Victoria: The New Julie Andrews Flick Robin Wood & Richard Lippe 31
Uncovering a Forgotten Canadian Gay Film - From 1965 Tom Waugh 36
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Title Author Pages
Defending the Right to Read: Community Fights "Obscenity" Raps Against Glad Day Books & the Body Politic   8-10
Ville Marie: Gay Services Get the Squeeze Chris Bearchell 11-12
Carl Hill Beats Immigration Ban   17
Teresa Trull: A Singer Busy Breaking Stereotypes Maureen McReavy 27-28
Young & Gay   29-33
Disclosure Day: How to Come Out to Your Wife   47
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Double Victory Over Double Jeopardy, TBP Acquitted Yet Again on 1978 Charge Roger Spalding 7-8
Kaposi Research Hurt by Cutbacks   16
Battling the Bureaucracy from Inside the Prison   18-19
Sexual Infancy: Impact of Postponing Our Erotic Childhood Jane Rule 28
Track Two: The Film on the Toronto Bath Raids Michael Wade 27
Our Right to the World: Sex, Public Space & Community Scott Tucker 29-33
Barbara Hammer: Lesbian-Feminist Filmmaker Aimée Leduc 34-35
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Title Author Pages
Facing Off Against Triple Jeopardy Craig Patterson 9
Gay Pride '92: "Plain Old Intoxicating Fun"   11
Picking Up the Pieces in Boston: Gay Community News, Fag Rag, Glad Day Bookstore Destroyed in Blaze John Allec 17
International Gay Association Conference in Washington Tim McCaskell 19-20
Plugging in with the Quinlans: Trio of Songsters Who Belt Out Satirical Entertainment PG Baker 21
Doing It! Toronto Week Long Celebration   29-34
New Biography of the French Writer Colette Mary Meigs 35
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Title Author Pages
Our Political Coming of Age: In-Depth Look at the Fall-Out from the Last Two Years Craig Patterson 9-11
Self-Defence: Fighting Back & Speaking Out Jim Bartley 13
Dancing Up a Frenzy - For Fun & Profit at Gay Community Dance Philip Fotheringham 15-16
Washington Sex Scandal: FBI & CIA Continue to Promote Gay "Security Risk" Myth   17
Cop-Gay Tensions Rises in San Francisco, Minneapolis   19
The Romantic Quest   29-35
Lesbian Mothers as a Motherhood Issue Barbara Halpern Martineau 39-40
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Courting the Urban Gay Vote   9-11
Gay Olympic Games: Sweat & Fun, Despite Injunction Danny Cockerline 12-13
Cops Trash New York Gay Bar   21
Amnesty: Jailed Gays Still Not "Prisoners of Conscience"   21
Living with Kaposi's Sarcoma & AIDS Michael Lynch 31-37
The Real Gay Epidemic: Panic & Paranoia Bill Lewis 38-40
Take Two at Coming Out Fay Orr 55
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Title Author Pages
Courting the Urban Gay Vote   9-11
Vancouver: Strongest Gay Rights Bylaw in Canada Passes Unanimously Don Larventz & Kevin C. Griffin 7
Another TBP Trial, Another Not Guilty Verdict   11
North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) Plagued by the Police Jim Monk 12
Gay Rep to Help Decide Who Will Get Hep B Vaccine Robert Trow 13
Gay Clout Fizzles in SF Board Race   15
Growing Old, Staying Gay   25-28
Extended Care: Finding Erotic Tenderness for Old Age Jane Rule 29
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