History of the Gay Liberation Movement in Canada
(1970s and 1980s)

Rainbow Line
"The lesbian and gay movement and the ideology of lesbian and gay liberation are the products of anger and outrage channeled into collective action. Their history is one of resistance and astonishing perseverance, textured with the exuberance of outlaw sexuality. History abounds with testimonies to the power of small bands of committed individuals who succeeded against the most daunting odds. In keeping with this, virtually all progress made...for gays, lesbians, and bisexuals has resulted directly from their boldness and militancy. Fed up, they decided to take control of their own destinies despite many obstacles. They dared to confront attitudes and deeds that had led to marginalization and social oppression. Individually and as organized committees, they fought back, coming out of the closet, noisily and defiantly, demanding to be both seen and heard, and reveling in their new visibility. They attacked systemic and institutional prejudice, and combined hatred directed towards them, by demanding that an end be put to centuries of lies, ignorance, prejudice, and fear" (Warner 7).

**Please Note: Any compilation of events to signify the history of a movement as important as this can only be selective and subjective, therefore this is not a comprehensive history.  For more information about the history of the gay and lesbian movement, please consult the Bibliography of Useful Sources or ask at the Pride Library.