The Body Politic ~ Index 1981
Rainbow Line
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Losing, Learning & Living Through It - Toronto Civic Elections Ed Jackson 9-12
Community Pressure Prods Police to Act, & Hallowe'en Hate-Fest Comes to End Gerald Hanon 13
School Principal Cancels Reading by Gay Writer of Children's Books Fay Orr 18
Maryland Anti-Gay Politican Buys Sex, Loses Seat   21
Gay in Colombia: Hiding, Hustling & Coming Together Tim McCaskell 24-27
Watching Them Watching Us: CBC Drama The Running Man David Mole 28-29
Towards 1984 Andrew Hodges 27
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Discrimination: the Human Cost   13
Legal Gay Sex at 18? Paul Trollope 14
Conference to Plan Aid Package for Underdeveloped Gay World Ken Popert 16
Anti-Gay Attacks on the Rise in the US   17
Coming Out of Silence: the Fourth NAMBLA Conference Alex Wilson 19
Questionnaire: True Confessions, Getting TBP   21-24
Interview with Quebec Playwright Tremblay   25-27
TBA: No-Strings Band   28
Casting Light on the Dark Ages Robert A. Padgug 29
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Taking It to the Streets: February 5 Police Raid Gerald Hannon 9-12, 16
Sun Puts Heat on Calgary Mayor After His Appearance at Gay Ball Gerald Hannon 14
CBC Documentary "Sharing the Secret" Chris Bearchell 21-24
An Evening with Gay Appeal Fay Orr 25
Comics: Beyond the Vanderbelt: Gay Etiquette for the Eighties Gary Ostrom 26
On the Party Circuit with Sky Gilbert David Roche 27-28
Fear of Cruising Jeff Richardson 43
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Uncovering the Enemy Within: Toronto's Plainclothes Police Infiltrate Gay Demonstration   12
Toronto Board Limits Gay Rights Policy Roger Spalding 14
Gay Freedom Rally Wins Support   15-16
Court Rules AG Not in Contempt, Holds Decision on TBP Appeal Robert Trow 17
Toronto Raids Spark Worldwide Protest   23
Behind the Spectre of San Francisco Allan Bérubé 25-27
Bent: Martin Sherman's Play, Parallels Between Toronto in 1981 & Germany in 1934 Michael Lynch 28-29
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Making Gay Sex Dirty Gerald Hannon 8-9
Exposing the Big Lie: Plainclothes Cops Gerald Hannon 10
TBP to Appeal to Supreme Court to Overturn Court Order for Retrial Robert Trow 12
Age-of-Consent Revisions to Code May Get Second Reading soon   15
Edmund White: US Author Reflects on Myths & Gay Literature Stephen MacDonald & Gerry Oxford 25-26
Sex & Sandinismo: Gay Life in the New Nicaragua Tim McCaskell 19-21
Pagan Wholeness & Holiness of Bodies: Erotic Drawings of Claire Weissman Wilks Mary Meigs 22-23
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Putting on the Pressure: The Community Fights Back Against the Rising Attacks on Places to be Gay Gerald Hannon 9-10
Human Rights: Last Round at Queen's Park Ed Jackson 11
TBP Takes Final Shot at Top Court   15
Making Waves in Atlantic Canada: A New Quarterly for Lesbians & Gays Robin Metcalfe 17
Right-Wing US Homophobes Launch Anti-Gay Legislation In Congress   19
Skinscapes Norman Hatton 21-23
Schisms & Sharing at Torre Pellice: IGA Conference in Italy Chris Bearchell 24
Gay Bell: Political Theatre is Not Just Clowning Around   25-26
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Edmonton: Bath Raids Move West Gerald Hannon 7-8
Ontario Human Rights "Omission": CGRO at Code Review Hearings Ed Jackson 13
A Space for Ourselves: Two Gay Men in Toronto's Latin American Community Michael Riordon 19-21
United Church in Alberta Votes to Study Ordination of Gays Robert Trow 8
Conception by Choice: Artificial Insemination by Donor Fay Orr 23-24
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Probing Our World: City Council Appoints Arnold Bruner to Conduct a Study of Police/Gay Community Relations in TO Ed Jackson 7
Pride & Panache: Lesbian & Gay Pride Across Canada Robert Trow 8-9
Demo Launched Decade of Gay Militancy: 1971 Rights Rally in Ottawa Ed Jackson 15
Skill & Self-Respect: Fifth Gay Softball World Series Ken Popert 25-27
Butch/Fem & Sexual Courage Joan Nestle 29-31
Homos According to Hollywood Norman Hay 32
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Opening the Mounties' Closet: the RCMP's Hot Files on Gay Bill Loos 9
Los Angeles Wins Championship in Gay Softball World Series Craig Patterson 11
Bruner Report Must Deal with Cops Who Say Gays are not a Minority Ed Jackson 13
Making Allies Among Indecent Activists: Hustlers, Hookers, Swingers, & "Sexual Revolutionaries" Chris Bearchell 17
New Kinsey Study: Homosexuality May Arise from Biological Precursor that Parents Cannot Control   19
Bar-Hoping for Gay Women in TO Chris Bearchell 25-27
Hero of the Fever - Interview with William Burroughs Robin Hardy 28-31
The "Gay Cancer" Scare or Mass Media Scare? Bill Lewis & Randy Coates 43
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Bedroom, Not Bawdyhouse a Judge Says a Home is not a Public Place Gerald Hannon 9
Police & Gays: Study Calls for Dialogue Ed Jackson 10-11
Queen's Park to Debate Code, Gay Right Protection Unlikely Chris Bearchell 14
Cop's Reinstatement Overturned; Court of Appeal Chops Head Chris Bearchell 16
High Court Sends TBP Back for Retrial   17
Solidarity Day: US Gays Out in Force   18
Courage & Caring in North Bay Val Fournier 27-29
The Myth of Genital Jealousy Jane Rule 30
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Street Kids: Nobody's Priority? Ed Jackson 7, 11
Recognized Gays as Legitimate: Bruner Report Clears First Hurdle Ed Jackson 9
Mail-Order Trial Tests Legality of Sex Toys Bill Loos 13
US House Representatives Overturned the Sex-Law Reform Bill   16
At the Cutting Edge in San Francisco: Do Liaison Officers or Gay Cops Really Make a Difference? Greg Day 18-19
Taking Flight with Thomas Disch David Galbraith & Alexander Wilson 26-28
Sexual Preference: Their Statistics, Our Lives George Smith 29-30
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