The Body Politic ~ Index 1979
Rainbow Line
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Doctor Leaked Medical Info, Damien Charges Michael Lynch 9
Foster Care Vetoes Gay Parent   9
Triumph & Tragedy in California   16-17
Her Majesty the Queen vs Pink Triangle Press   20-23
Public Actions, Private Fears: Dreams Deferred 1952-53 John D'Emilio 24-29
Wickedness, Lewdness, & Debauchery: Plea Bargaining & the Trial of Sexual Inversion Michael Lynch 33-34
Letter from Prison: Soviet Poet Gennady Trifonov   35
Collective Crimes, Unnatural Acts Robin Hardy 37
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Case May Set Precedent Decision Expected Feb 14 Bill Lewis 7-9
Toronto Cops Raid Gay Bath, Charge 28 Men Paul Trollope 12-13
Overkill: Murder in Toronto-the-Good Robin Hardy 19-21
Reaction, Red Baiting & "Respectability": Dreams Deferred 1953 John D'Emilio 22-27
The Bearded Lady's Return Robin Metcalfe 31-32
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Verdict: Not Guilty!   8
GO Centre Destroyed by Fire   10
Coalition Adds Lesbian Rights to Women's Day Demands   11
TBP Launches Libel Action Against the Toronto Star   12
Men Loving Boys Loving Men Again   21-27
Murnau: The Films Behind the Man Thomas Waugh 31-34
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Title Author Pages
Uproar Over Bigoted Cop, Mag Forces Apology from Police Chief   8
McMurty Appeals TBP Acquittal, Refuses to Return Seized Material   12
Gays, Handicapped Rally for New Code   13
The Sickbed: First Prize Winner in TBP's Great Canadian Lesbian Fiction Contest Mary Schendlinger 21-24
Paul Goodman: The Politics of Being Queer   25-27
Cutting Close: Preview of Graham Jackson's New Play Robert Wallace 28-29
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Title Author Pages
Porn Raids Sweep Country Paul Trollope 9
Celebration '79: Seventh Annual Canadian Lesbian & Gay Rights Coalition National Conference Robin Hardy 12
Right Officials Make Jokes, Group Demands Resignations Ric Langford 15
No Students for TBP, Arts Council Says   15
Netherlands: Gayness in a Small Country Page Grubb & Theo van der Meer 23-25
Ivory Towers & Barricades: Why We Need Better Books Scott Tucker 26-28
Jane Rule: Teaching Sexuality   29
Taking Another Crack at the Final Solution Michael Riordon 30
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Title Author Pages
Supreme Court Dumps Gay Tide   9-10
Cop Report Called "Insulting," Gays Prepare for Showdown Paul Trollope 12-13
San Francisco: Hitting Back   21-24
The End of the "Human Rights" Decade   25-26
Doing Cannes, 1979 Harry Sutherland 27, 30
Forward: Second Prize Winner in TBP's Great Canadian Lesbian Fiction Contest Susan Hamilton 28-29
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Title Author Pages
Celebration '79 Gerald Hannon 8-9
Pay Racing Commission Costs, Court Orders Bankrupt Damien   11
Stonewall Celebrated World-Wide   16
Why Gay History? Jonathan Katz 19-20
Stashing the Evidence Rick Bébout 21-22, 26
Uneasy Days on Old Cape Cod - Provincetown Jeff Weinstein 23-25
Alienation - Canadian Novel Ian Young 27
Young (& Old & Middle-Aged Too) Men's Cruising Associations Michael Lynch 39
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Title Author Pages
Jim Monk: Gay on the Line Gerald Hannon 1, 24-25
Gays "Sit-In for Justice" Demands McMurty End Police Harassment Gerald Hannon 9
Ontario Cops Deny Inquiry, Rubber Stamp Toronto Report   13
Cops Now Use "Counselling" as Charge in Parks, Washrooms Ross Irwin 14
Robin Tyler: Comic in Contradiction Val Edwards 21-23
Getting Off: A Narrative of Fighting Back Andrew Britton 27-30
Guess what...That Hand on Your Shoulder Could Be a Cop's - Clip & Save Guide to Arrest & Trial   29
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Title Author Pages
Attorney General Grants Meeting, Sit-In Forces McMurty Turnabout Gerald Hannon 12-13
1929: Round One Emily Murphy 18-19
Therapy: Inside & Out Susan White 20-21
Confessions of a Lesbian Gay Liberationist Beatrice Baker 23
Feminist Fables   24-25
Lesbian Mothers & Custody Right Ellen Agger 26-27
Growing with Jason Sharon Hohner & Jude Lemieux 28
From Victims to Victors Robin Tyler 29
Beyond Equal Rights: Mary Daly's Gynocentric Vision Mariana Valverde 31-32
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Title Author Pages
Cops Raid Hot Tub Club, Private Homes on Eve of Opening of Ontario Legislature Robert Trow & Bill Lewis 8-9
Immigration Head Says We're OK, But US Border Still Closed to Gays   9
Arts Council Denies $1,000 Grant to TBP   9
Canadians Favour Rights for Gays, but RCMP, Army Still Stand in the Way   10
Sex, Death & Free Speech: The Fight to Stop Friedkins' "Crusing" Scott Tucker 23-27
Michigan: The We Want the Music Collective's Gathering Chris Bearchell 29-31
Devices & Desires Gerald Hannon 32-34
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Title Author Pages
Tories Sidestep Gay Rights to Bring in Bill for Handicapped   9
Five-Year Battle Comes to an End as the Sun Accepts Gay Tide Ad   9
In the Matter of the Barracks Brian Mossop & Paul Trollope 10
Commission Adopts Carter Report, But Text Avoids Most Gay Issues Robert Trow 12
Pat Bond: (Role) Playing Stein Michael Lynch & Mariana Valverde 21-24
By-Products of Liberation: Gay Eateries Michael Lynch 26
Towards 1984 Andrew Hodges 27
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