The Body Politic ~ Index 1978
Rainbow Line
Title Author Pages
Montreal: Thousands Take to Streets in Protest   1, 5
Sea-to-Sea Days to Protest Back Damien   4
Quebec: Rights Commission Backs Gay Protection Stuart Russell 4
Vancouver: GATE Loses First Federal Appeal Bid David Rand 5
Open-Door Policy for Vancouver Baths Al Dunning 5
Life After Dade Michael Merril 11-14
Gay TV is not a Drag (Show) Michael Riordon 15-18
Men Loving Boys Gerald Hannon 29-33
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Title Author Pages
Gay Rights: Oui! Ron Dayman 4-5
Bigots Import Bryant   6-7
TBP Raided & Charged   8-9
CBC Protects Gay Jobs   13
Damien Defense Enters Fourth Year   13
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Title Author Pages
Commission Head: Gay Rights "Non-Issue" Robin Hardy 1
Jacques Trial Tests Media Fairness Michael Lynch 4
Supreme Court Hears TBP Appeal Paul Trollope 5
Charlotte Bunch: Lesbian Theorist Chris Bearchell 10-11
Gay Liberation 1864 Hubert Kennedy 23-25
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Title Author Pages
Forgotten Fathers Michael Lynch 1, 10-12
Judge Slams Gays in Jacques Verdict Robin Hardy 4
TBP to Appeal Supreme Court Decision Paul Trollope 4
Pornography, Feminism & Children's Literature Gerald Hannon 5
Closetry's Reward Paul Trollope 23
Protesting Before All Europe Hubert Kennedy 24-26
Sodomy in New France Jacques Briand 27
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Title Author Pages
Bryant Hits Canada; Canada Hits Back   1
TBP to Test Legality of Search Warrant in Supreme Court Paul Trollope 5
Supreme Court to Hear First Gay Rights Case   7
Behind Open Doors: Toronto's Lesbian-Created Womanspace Pat Leslie 12-13
What Are We All Doing? Gerald Hannon 23
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Title Author Pages
Proselytizing is the Issue Gerald Hannon 1, 27
Gay Youth Plan Assault on School System Robin Hardy 4
Damien Destitute, Committee Launches Plea for Help   5
Students Safe, TBP Dropped from Summer Program   8
Working with Kemp Graham Jackson 11-13
Getting into Getting Sex, Interview with John Lee Michael Lynch 14
Atlantic Travel Guide Robin Hardy & Our Halifax Friends 15-18
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Title Author Pages
Due to the Fact of You Being a Lesbian... Chris Bearchell 1
Conference Votes New Structure to Canadian Coalition   4
Supreme Court Quashes TBP; Obscenity Trial Delayed   7
Sociologist's Association Takes Gay Rights Stand, Calls for Dropping of Charges Against TBP   7
Pornography: The New Terrorism? Gerald Hannon 11-13
Dyke Detective: Interview with Eve Zaremba Chris Bearchell 15
Gay USSR Angelo Pezanna 25-27
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Title Author Pages
Jim Monk: Gay on the Line Gerald Hannon 1, 24-25
Gays Under 21 Protected by Code too, Says Rights Commission Stuart Russell 5
Coalition to Protest Judge's Remarks in Brief to Canadian Judicial Council Robin Hardy 6
Damien Asks Court o Throw Out Libel Threat   8
Trial Date Set by Body Politic   8
Beer & Baloney George Whitmore 13
Intolerable Outrage R. Williams & E. Jackson 22-23
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Title Author Pages
Commission Reverses Stand Allows Bias in First Test of New Law Stuart Russell 9
TBP Joins Anti-Censorship Body   11
Bryant Visit Sparks Largest-Ever Gay Demo; Few Hear Bryant Pitch Paul Trollope 12
CBC Strengthens Anti-Gay Policy, Continues Ban on PSAs David Garmaise 14
Civil Rights: A Solo Trip? Ken Popert 19
Gaydays: Party with a Purpose Robin Hardy 21-23
Battling Briggs Michael Merrill 24-29
Do It Yourself Fiona Rattray 30
Viva Gay: Out in the Home of Machismo   31-33
Things the Go Munch in the Night Irwin Barrer 35
Kinsey & His Kind Michael Lynch 37
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Title Author Pages
Top Court Hears Gay Tide Defers Historic Decision   8
Council Increases TBP Grant, Baetz Criticizes "Impolitic" Move   13
Who's Really Cutting the Arts Pie?   13
Radical Beginnings 1950-51: Dreams Deferred John D'Emilio 19-24
Fireweed: the Flame is Growing   25-26
Two Letters you Should Have Gotten in High School John Nichols 28-29
Blasphemy!   31-32
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Title Author Pages
Doctor Leaked Medical Info, Damien Charges Michael Lynch 9
Foster Care Vetoes Gay Parent   9
Triumph & Tragedy in California   16-17
Her Majesty the Queen vs Pink Triangle Press   20-23
Public Actions, Private Fears: Dreams Deferred 1952-53 John D'Emilio 24-29
Wickedness, Lewdness, & Debauchery: Plea Bargaining & the Trial of Sexual Inversion Michael Lynch 33-34
Letter from Prison: Soviet Poet Gennady Trifonov   35
Collective Crimes, Unnatural Acts Robin Hardy 37
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