The Body Politic ~ Index 1986
Rainbow Line
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Victimless Crime: Toronto High School Students Spot a "Fucking Faggot" & Beat Him to Death, but the Courts, the Media & School Officials Can't See Any Homophobia   13-15
Opposition Leader Wants Gay-Positive Reading of Charter   19
Gay Rights in Yukon Ken Popert 21
Tough Times Down Under: New Law Amounts to "Legitimized Poofter-Bashing"   25
4-Play: Hand On, Gloves Off, Buddies in Bad Times Thatre Festival Put Our Lives Centre Stage   31-34
Good Nudes for Modern Men David Vereschagin 38-39
Saying It: How Can We Talk About Safe Sex When We Can't Talk About Sex? Michael Lynch 50
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Not So Charming Customs: Canada Customs Seizes a Shipment of books Headed for a Gay Bookstore Ken Anderlini 13
Vancouver to Have First Home for People with AIDS   17
Condoms Help Stop AIDS   23
No Apologies: Strippers as the Upfront Line in a Battle to Communicate Chris Bearchell 26-29
For Mr. Mapplethorpe: Lesbian Porn by Toronto's Flying Femmes   30
A Play About AIDS that Tells the Story as It Really Is (Or Should Be) Richard Summerbell 31
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Sun Burned: Toronto Sun Settles Out of Court & Pays the Bills of the Gay Rights Activists Who Sued   13
No-Policies Policy: Look at an Insurance Association's Internal Memo About AIDS Julian Aynsley 14-15
James Credle's War: The Making of an American Activist Tim McCaskell 29-33
Close Up: A Conversation with Toronto Film Maker Midi Onodera Cyndra McDowell & Lee Waldorf 34-35
The Secret Diary of Alan O'Connor in London   37
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Victory for Gay Equality: Discrimination Against Gays in Unconstitutional   13-14
Gay Partners Recognized: BC Court Makes Property Settlement between Former Lesbian Lovers   15
MD Diagnosed with Bias   19
Fear of an AIDS Epidemic May Lead to Calls for Gay Poles to Take the Antibody Test   21-22
Designs for Living: the Fantastic Worlds of Edmund White Neil Bartlett 25
Who Needs Irma Bombeck?   29
Seductive Steps: Dance with a Social Conscience Stephen MacDonald 9
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Life & Love After AIDS Rob Joyce 13-14
AIDS Forecast Queried: New Analysis Predicts Fewer Cases, Triggers Fears of Indifference Ken Popert 19
An Equal Piece of the Apple: New York City Finally Passes a Bill Banning Discrimination on the Basis of Sexual Orientation Charles Philips 21-22
The Prophylactic Lover: Uncovering a Myth of the Age of AIDS   25-28
Learning to Talk about an Unspeakable Disease: Misleading AIDS-Terms Richard Summerbell 37
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Playing for Time: Public Rallies Behind Vancouver's People with AIDS Coalition in Support of the Use of Experimental Drug Treatments Rob Joyce 13-14
Trade-Off Mars AIDS Report: Bar Association Report Pits At-Risk Groups Against Health & Insurance Establishments Kevin Orr 17, 19
Court Considers Sodomy: Do Laws Prohibiting Anal Sex Violate the Constitution? Charles Phillips 21
AIDS Testing Sought: Research Announced on 2 New Drugs, Vaccine   23
Monstrous Visions: Sex, Eros, Dance & the Passions of Morocco Gerald Hannon 24-25, 27
Pure Pleasure - the Photos of Guy Desranleau   30-31
Metaphor as Illness: Dennis Altman's Latest, AIDS in the Mind of America Michael Lynch 33
Remembering Simone de Beauvoir Lee Waldorf 37
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Public Place, Private Space: Legal Notions of Public & Private are Little More than Disguised Homophobia   13-14
Out of the Closet & Back in the House: US Congressman Gerry Studds Rex Wockner 21
Girls on Video: Blush Video Porn   25-29
Through the Lens of Truth: Bill Sherwood's Parting Glances, a Film that Presents Gay Life with No Apologies, No Explanations   29-30
Remembering Cocteau Jerry Rosco 32-33
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Back to the Gutter: Proposed Pornography Laws Andrew Lesk 9-10
Nova Scotia to Ban Gay Cops Lois Corbett 13
Feds to Rush AIDS Drugs Ken Popert 15
US Supreme Court Voted 5-4 to Uphold the State of Georgia's Anti-Sodomy Law   17-18
Sex & Violence & Censorship: the Effect of the Proposed Anti-Porn Legislation Anna Marie Smith 22-24
Coming Out - On the Job   27-29
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Charter of Rights & Hiring Gay Cops Too Many Rights for Nova Scotia Tories   9
Sex Okay - If It's Not Gay: Joy of Sex is Fine, but Joy of Gay Sex is Obscene Alan Orr 11
AIDS Drug Trials to Begin in Fall Ken Popert 15
New Zealand Decriminalizes Gay Sex   17
US Sodomy Ruling Condemned   17
Surrounded by the Ocean: PEI's Ragweed Press Chris Bearchell 31
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Lovers Win Health Benefits in Vancouver Rob Joyce 7
OHIP Under Fire: Lesbians Continue to Fight for Family Benefits Lynn MacFie 8
Homosexuals Disgust You? The Canadian Army Wants to Know Andrew Lesk 11
Traitor Dies of AIDS: Death of McCarthy-ite Cohn   19
Heat of Managua Alan O'Connor 22-24
Songs & Stillness: Death of Poet Elsa Gidlow Michelle Belling 28-29
Eulogy for a Creep: Roy Cohn   32
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Trapped in Windsor's Jackson Park Jim Monk 9
Overcoming Hypocrisy: With the Congretation's Support, Two Anglican Lesbian Deacons Baptise Their Baby Rachel Maillous 11
PWA's Head South for AZT Ken Popert 15
Party-Boy with a Mission: Michael Hardwick's Fight to Dismantle Georgia's Sodomy Law   17
No Immunity to Humanity: London AIDS Play that is "Not Depressing, Even for a Moment" Richard Summerbell 29
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Battle for Bill 7: Ontario's Liberal Government on the Edge of Outlawing Discriminating Against Gay People Andrew Lesk 11-12
Toronto's Council Asks Ontario to Decide on Spousal Benefits for Gays Lynn MacFie 13
Feds Secure AZT for PWAs Ken Popert 15
California Rejects PANIC   17
Dubious Data, Blatant Bias: Meese Commission Report on Pornography Urges Anti-Sex, Not Pro-Woman, Policies   18-19
Dildo Shopping Chris Bearchell 26-27
Living (Safe) On Video David Demchuk 28-29
Image-Conscious: Look Behind the Scenes at Toronto's First International Festival of Gay Cinema Warren Dunford 32
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