The Body Politic ~ Index 1985
Rainbow Line
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Goodbye 1984: Looking Back on the Dreaded Year that's Now Just Another Date in History   8-9
Straights, Come Out Jane Rule 16
The Uses of Abuse   27-30
Beverley Bratty Sonja Mills 31
Out of the Closet & Out in the Cold: Are the Enforcers of Gay Bar Door Policies the New queer Bashers in Our Midst? Danny Cockerline 32
Different Roads Out of "Death-in-Life" Mary Meigs 33
Sheer Fetish Rick Bébout 47
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John Damien: Ten Years, & Still Fighting Michael Totzke 7-8
Sue Harris: Entering the Political Mainstream Don Larventz 9-11
Aimless Development Threatens Gay Beach Andrew Lesk 11-12
Test Shows AIDS Bug Well-Established Here   14
Australia: Lesbian Alison Thorne Battling to Return to Teaching   19
Friends, 1926: Excerpt from the Lesbian Poet Elsa Gidlow's Autobiography   29-31
Playing with Ourselves: Recent Surge of Gay Men's Theatre Bob Wallace 32-34
Talking Hope John Bodis 47
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Surveillance & Suicide: January Washroom Busts in St. Catherines Ed Jackson 7-9
Living the Double Life: Being Married & Gay Ed Jackson 8
Sex, Not Sexism, the Censor's Real Target Lee Waldorf 11
Gay News Bad News; MPs Refuse Free TBP Ken Popert 13
Spermicide Unproven as AIDS Prevention Ken Popert 14
National Day Task Force Goes to the Supreme Court to Defend the Value of Free Speech   17
Service Groups Say: "Don't Take the AIDS Test"   19
Pleasure & Danger: Exploring Female Sexuality Lee Waldorf 26-28
Circumcision: The Unkindest Cut Robin Hardy 29-30
Still Glad to be Gay: Rocker Tom Robinson Alan McGinty 31
Gay Words, Gay Worlds Richard Summerbell 33-34
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Your Place & Mine: Changing Housing Patterns in Toronto & Their Potential Effect on the Gay Community   7-8, 35, 39
Discrimination by Decree: "Esprit de Corps" Can Become a "Security Risk" Pat Spencer 9, 14
Censorship as a Civil Right Gillian Rodgerson & Lee Waldorf 11-12
London Lesbian & Gay Centre Opens to Fact Tight Tory Times   19
AIDS: Dubious Test Approved; Funding Cuts Loom   21
31 Words: A Single Classified Ad Sets Off a Major Debate on Questions of Race, Sexuality, & the Role of This Magazine   29-32, 45
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What the G***p!? The Courts Take Away Canada Customs Scissors, but Not for Long Lee Waldorf 7
AIDS Groups to Hold First National Meeting   17
Sydney Overcomes Obstacles to Put on a Party of Pride & Strength Doug Grenville 19
AIDS: Tests Show Virus Common, Long-Established, in Africa   21
High School Faggot Ian Paterson 30-31
Beyond the Iceberg: Search Out a Gay Sensibility at the Art Gallery of Ontario Alan O'Connor 32-33
Photo Essay: We Are... Lisa Kanemoto 34-35
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Last Call for Miller? Ontario Voters Slash the Tories to a Shaky Minority Andrew Lesk 15-16
BC: Second-Guessing Customs Gillian Rodgerson 17
Mapping the Gay World Alan O'Connor 26-27
Getting the General Idea: Creation of Three Gay Artists David Vereschagin 29-32
Vita Variations: Biography of Virginia Woolf Catherine Bennett & Mary Meigs 33-34
Reclaiming a Gay Artform: A Tribute to the Unjustly Obscure Practitioners of Physique Art Leaves Out One Vital Fact Thomas Waugh 36
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Facing a Common Enemy: AIDS in Canada   13-15
RCMP: Queer-Free & Proud of It   19-20
New Zealand: Repressive Sex Laws   25-27
Massachusetts: Keeping Foster Homes Straight   27
Man in Frock: A Personal Reflection on Drag Neil Bartlett 31-33
Theatre in the Plague Years Robin Hardy 34-35
Transit Tryst? Big Brothers Poster Rick Bébout 37
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Ice Age Ends, But Will the Ice Melt? Tories are Out, the Liberals are In Andrew Lesk 13
Unacceptable & Absurd: Human Rights Chief Trashes RCMP Homophobia Michael Totzke 14
High-Tech Sex Cops Strike Again: Police Video Surveillance Disrupts Another Ontario Community Ian Kirkby 17
Closing the Barn Door: The Fraser Commission Gives us Too Little, Too Late Jim Monk 18
Dying to Live: Reflections on the Black Death Gerald Hannon 27-29
The Real Dirt: Gay Gardeners Doug Grenville 30-31
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High School Confidential: Toronto Students Expelled for Lesbianism   13-14
Charter Flights: The Words Sexual Orientation Missing from Charter of Rights Michael Totzke 15-17
Sex & the State: Finding History, Making History Rick Bébout 30-33
Mormon Gays Jonathan Stevens 35-36
Amazon Warriors: Comic Books for Big Girls Laura Coramai 51
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Assault Victim Overcomes a Cover-Up & Faked Records to Bring His Assailants to Justice Lee Waldorf 15-16
Gay Households are Still Endangered by City By-Laws Lee Zaslofsky 17
Reading the Sex Scandals Stan Persky 19-20
Moscow: Queer Behind the Curtain Tim McCaskell 23-24
Beyond Racism: Balancing Gay Asian American Must Perform to combat Racism While Trying to Overcome Restrictive Traditional Values Siong-huat Chua 29-30
A Day in the Media Life of Disease, August 12, 1985 - Rock Hudson Came Out Rick Bébout 31-32
The Birth of Perversity: Understand Our Forebears Jeffrey Weeks 33-34
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Refugees from Homophobia: A Gay Coupl Thread Their Way Through the Maze of Immigration Laws   13, 21
Homosexuals Anonymous: Preying on the Wounded Neil Powers & Andrew Lesk 14-15
Gay Sex Book Taken Off Sale Gillan Rodgerson 15
Maloney: Gay Activist Runs Against NDP Ken Popert 17
Poll Favours Gay Protection: 70 Percent of Canadians Want Human Rights Laws Extended to Sexual Orientation Ken Popert & Ric Taylor 23
Great Britain: Straight to Tell, Only Heterosexuals Jurists are Quailfied to Decide if Gay Literature is Obscene   27
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Monkey See, Monkey Rape? Long-Sought Proof of a Link Between Pornography & Rape Francis Gillis 13
AIDS: Double Exposure, Ontario & British Columbia Ignore Fears about Confidentiality of AIDS Antibody Test Results Ed Jackson 15, 17
Taking the Test: What for? Julian Aynsley 17
Safe Sex Only, Or Else...Mayor Ed Koch Closes New York City's Most Famous Fuck Bar, the Mineshaft   23
San Francisco Students to Learn about Gay Life & AIDS in Classroom   25
Rock Hudson: The Last Guy You'd Have Figured? Richard Dyer 27-29
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