The Body Politic ~ Index 1984
Rainbow Line
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1983: A Year to Remember, A Year to Forget Chris Bearchell 10-11
New York: Protests End Bar's Race Bias 21
Interview: Carole Pope, Rough Trade's Outrageous Lead Singer Edna Barker 26-28
Buying It, Advertising & the Cult of Masculinity David Vereschagin 29
Pornography Jane Rule 33
Fear & Loving in New York: Life After AIDS Phil Shaw 37-38
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Pornography, Prostitution & Moral Panic: New Sexual McCarthyism Chris Bearchell 7, 9
Are Anti-Hate Literature Laws Really Necessary? Ken Tomilson 15
Getting Away with Murder, the Strange Case of Dan White Michael Row 17
Photography Passion & Power, Gay Still Photo Collection of the Kinsey Institute Tom Waugh 29-33
When Death is Too Much with Us Michael Lassell 35-36
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More Ministerial Macho, Social Services Minister Frank Drea Ed Jackson 7
Security Panic in West Germany: Accusation Against General Kiessling David Dubow 21-22
"You've got a Nice Body...for an Oriental", Racism is a Gay Issue Tim McCaskell 33-37
Is there Safe Romance? Advice on Avoiding Angst Richard Summerbell 54-55
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The Divided United Church? Report Praised as a Step Toward Overcoming 2,000 Years of Oppression Gillian Rodgerson 7
AIDS: Support on Life's Emotional Roller-Coaster Stephen Fontaine 11
San Francisco: The Battle of the Baths Kevin Orr 14
Power, Interest & Gay Morality John Alan Lee 19
The Enigma of Intelligence: WW II Code Breaker Alan Turing Richard Summerbell 28-30
Hanging Out, Camera in Hand, Hookers on Davie: Janis Cole & Holly Dale Sonja Mills 31
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The Rob Joyce Case Stan Persky 15-17
Customs Raids Gay's the Word, Britain's Largest Gay Community Bookstore   21
AIDS: Identification of Suspect Virus Raises Quarantine Issue   21-22
Lives of Gay Men in Syria Gary B. MacDonald 31-33
Gay & Green John Ely 35-36
Discover P Town (Provincetown) Elinor Mahoney 55
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Clubs in '77, Cameras in '84: Police Photographers Get It All on Film in Montreal Bar Raid Berand Courte 7
Debate on Gay Ordination Continues to Stymie the Not-So United Church Gillian Rodgerson 9-11
AIDS: What's Behind the Headlines? Cindy Patton 23
Coming Out in the Comics Brad Fraser 31-34
Dancing by Yourself: Privacy, Pleasure & Fraternity Brian Mossop 35
Alter Eros: Celebration of Art about Sexuality   37-38
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Title Author Pages
Lesbian Sexuality Conference Chris Bearchell 7-8
Funding Improve for AIDS Group Ken Popert 11-12
The Night They Raided Bud's: A Personal Account of the Montreal Bar Raid Robin J. Douglas 13-15
US Moves to Tighten Immigration Loophole   21
Brazil: Official Concern & Cruising on the Copacabana Ted Stroll 21-22
Framed Youth: British Videotape Seized by Ontario Censor Richard Fung 39
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Title Author Pages
Backing Off on Ordination Gillian Rodgerson 7-8, 38
Customs Censorship: First the Pictures, Now the Words Ken Popert 9
AIDS-Test Ambiguities Raise Concern   17
Is There "Safe Space" for Minority Sexuality?   19
Talking with Author Timothy Findley Gordon Montador 27-30
Scouting Stereotypes Alan O'Connor 31
Uncovering the Very First Gay Film: The Wings Mark Finch 32
Beat the Jock Phil Shaw 47
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Toronto's Archbishop Cardinal Slams the Closet Door Ken Popert 7-8
Ontario Ignores Advice, Refuses Gay Men Cheap Hepatitis Vaccine   11-12
Republicans Target Gay Issue   17
Atlanta: Being Different but Staying Together, Black & White Men Together   20-21
Feast of Films: Reviews from the Toronto & Montreal Festivals   30-34
Diggers: People of the Canadian Gay Archives Stephen MacDonald 35-36
At Last: Lesbian Sex Mags Chris Bearchell 37-38
Gender Bender Edna Barker 51
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Title Author Pages
Vancouver: Svend Robinson Back to Work for Gay Rights Ken Popert 7-8
Gerry Studds Retains Minnesota Legislature Seat: Surviving the Reagan Landslide   17
Poland: A Recollection of the Lives of Gay Men in Warsaw John Stanley 27-29
Feminist vs Right-Wing Porn Crime Richard Summerbell 30
Condoms: Gay Men Try Them on for Size, AIDS Committee of Toronto Survey Kevin Orr 31
3's Company: Jenny Lives with Eric & Martin   47
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