The Body Politic ~ Index 1983
Rainbow Line
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War of Attrition: Campaign of Harassment Against Our Most Vulnerable, Hustler, Street Kids, Park & Washroom Cruiser Jim Bartley 9
Hep B Vaccine on Market but Costly Robert Trow 14
Law-Reform Victory in Ulster   19
A Heritage of Pornography Tom Waugh 29-33
Aubse: Arthur Bressan's New Film Robin Hardy 34-35
Music, Money, Politics & Lipstick: Ruth Dworin & Her Canada's Only Women's Music Production Company Edna Barker 37-38
Paris on $10 a Drink Karla Jay 51
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Pornography & Censorship Craig Patterson 10-11
Red Cross: Resisting AIDS Panic Ed Jackson 17
Out of Shadows in Red Deer Fay Orr 18
Mayor Feinstein Veto Draws Fire in San Francisco   19
Unfit for Service Glenn Wheeler 29-32
Cruising for Peace: Role of Gay People in the Burgeoning Peace Movement Michael Riordon 33-35
Requiem: Follow Up to the November Article Michael Lynch 36
Finding the Spot for Strengthening Orgasms Sue Golding 37
Dialing & Diddling: Tap into the Phone-Fantasy Network Gerald Hannon 51
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Court Convicts in Glad Day Case   7-8
AIDS: Discounting the Promiscuity Theory Bill Lewis 11
Lessons from the Raids Roger Spalding 12-13
Staying On: Openly Gay Churchgoers David Townsend 27-29
Pornography & Prohibition Tim McCaskell 31
Comics: A Nun's Story Gary Ostrom 32
Anger & Richness: Writings by Third World Lesbians Mary Meigs 33
Time for Gay Ann Landers with a Difference Merv Walker 47
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The Back Door Raid Ed Jackson Special Supplement
Cruising Overtime: Political Economy of Police Entrapment Tom Stroud 9-10
Police Turn Up the Heat in Hong Kong   19
Britain's Oldest & Largest Gay Publication: Gay News Goes Under David Dubow 21
A Consumer's Guide to Lezzy Smut Chris Bearchell 29-33
Short Story: Evening Out Jim Bartley 34-36
La Pose du Jour: Images of Men Phil Shaw 51
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Protesters Challenge Police Invasion of the Back Door Sauna Tom Stroud 9-10
Big Brothers: Pedo Panic, Role-Model Rigidity Ken Tomilson 15-16
Anti-Bias Bills Pushed Across US   19
Fruit Cocktail: Celebration of Gayness John Allec 24-25
Mind/Body Split: The Transsexual Struggle Jim Bartley 30-31
Gay: Abnormally Happy - A Liberated Lexicon Richard Summerbell 32-33
Confessions of a Moustachosexual, Web of Racially Tinged Desire Ken Popert 34
Hetero Hanky Code: Ways Straights Convey Their Sexual Tastes John Allec 51
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Coming Out of the Cabinet Closet: PQ Minister Claude Charront Kevin Orr 9-10
Nationwide AIDS Report: Checking Up on the Experts   1
Looking Back from Gay Pride '83 Mark Killinger 18
Thousands Demand AIDS Funding   19
Men Looking at Men   31-34
Interview: Rita Mae Brown Chris Bearchell 35-36
Real Camp: Treks Along with the Outing Club, Out & Out Tony Whittingham 37-38
AIDS & the Fear of Death Jane Rule 39
Prince Ken's Visite Royale Stephen Stuckey 55
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AIDS as Metaphor Bryan Teixeira 10
"Pro-Life" Arson: Abortion Clinic Hit, Women's Bookstore Burns   11
AIDS: Grassroots Action; Governmental Vagueness   15, 19
Gay Leaders Criticize US Government's Inadequate Response to Crisis   21-22
Out in the Kootenays, Living Gay in Smalltown BC Michael Wellwood 31-33
Voices from Lesbian Herstory Joan Nestle 35-36
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Pornography vs Erotica Rick Bébout 15-16
Lesbian Addresses Civil Right Rally   17
Successful Comic: Divine Sheila Gostick Stephen Stuckey 27
Peter Evans: Going Public with AIDS Ed Jackson 28-29
Passing in Style Mary Meigs 30-31
Is There a Gay Morality? Peter Millard 32
Dykes on Bikes Edna Barker & Lee Lyons 47
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Still Not Guilty After All These Years, Court Upholds Final "Men Loving Boys Loving Men" Acquittal Craig Patterson 11-12
Human Rights Strategy Ten Years Later Ken Tomilson 13-14
AIDS Walkathon Feet Drag, but Research Funds Forthcoming Ed Jackson 14
Hong Kong Report Provides Fascinating Chronicle of Gay Community & Movement in Asia   21
Drugs, Changing Your Mind John Allec 31-35
Lorraine Segato, Lead Singer of the Parachute Club Lynne Fernie 36-38
Ch-ch-changes? Disappointed Look at the "New" David Bowie Alan McGinty 55
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Ontario Removes Haitians from List of High-Risk Groups Ed Jackson 8
Violence: What's the Price of "Protection"? Chris Bearchell & Danny Cockerline 9-10
Obscenity Still Vague After Video Porn Case Gillian Rodgerson 10-11
Is there Safe Sex? Looking Behind Advice on AIDS Rick Bébout 33-37
The Agony & The Ecstasy: The Physiology of Turning Pain into Pleasure Geoff Mains 38-39
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