The Body Politic ~ Index 1980
Rainbow Line
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Tories Sidestep Gay Rights to Bring in Bill for Handicapped   9
Five-Year Battle Comes to an End as the Sun Accepts Gay Tide Ad   9
In the Matter of the Barracks Brian Mossop & Paul Trollope 10
Commission Adopts Carter Report, But Text Avoids Most Gay Issues Robert Trow 12
Pat Bond: (Role) Playing Stein Michael Lynch & Mariana Valverde 21-24
By-Products of Liberation: Gay Eateries Michael Lynch 26
Towards 1984 Andrew Hodges 27
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Judge Orders Materials Back, Tells Crown to Pay Court Costs (Body Politic Case) Ken Popert 7
Gay "Sinfulness" No Excuse, Catholic Board Must Rent Space Stuart Russell 10
Damien Case Enters Year Six Michael Lynch 11
First Open Gay at City Hall, Hislop Plans Ward 6 Campaign Robert Trow 13
Help Them See the Film: Cruising Ken Popert 18
No Sorrow, No Pity: Report on Gay Disabled Gerald Hannon 19-22
Window on Sewell: Toronto's Mayor Chris Bearchell & Ed Jackson 23-25
Headway: Third-Prize Winner in the Body Politic's Great Canadian Lesbian Fiction Contest Emma Lazarus 27-28
Feminism Meets Fist-Fucking: Getting Lost in Lesbian S&M Mariana Valverde 43
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Every 46 Hours & Eight Minutes Gerald Hannon 1, 10-11
Sexual Orientation Not Recommended in Proposed Changes in Rights Act Gerald Hannon 8
Civil Liberties Group Intervenes at Body Politic Appeal Hearing Paul Trollope 15
Outreach to Thousands: Ad Campaign Appealed to Straight Supporters Robert Trow 20-21
Towards a Theory of Fistfucking Ken Popert 22
Murnau: The Films Behind the Man Thomas Waugh 31-34
Our Memories, Ourselves Robin Hardy 23-26
Diamond Studs: The Politics of Baseball Michael Lynch 28
Cultures Underground Alexander Wilson 29
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Epitaph for the Parkside Gerald Hannon 1, 26-28
Hislop Gets AGE Nomination to Seek Ward 6 Alderman Seat Gerald Hannon 9
Appeal Judge Orders TBP Back to Trial Paul Trollope 10-11
Canada: the Culture of Deference Edgar Z. Friedenberg 23-25
Comics: Homos at War, 2280A.D. Gary Ostrom 29
In the Midst of Privilege: Third Prize Winner in the Great Canadian Lesbian Fiction Contest Deborah Munro 30-32
(First) Lady Love: Doris Faber's Fabrications Blanche Wiesen Cook 33-34
S&M: Shall I Compare Thee to a Battered Wife? - An Ad for Triple Crown Rye Michael Lynch 38
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Giving Head a Very Hard Time: a Gay in OPP Paul Trollope & Gerald Hannon 9-10
Judge Finds Truxx Owner Guilty of Keeping Common Bawdy House Gerald Hannon 11
TBP Appeal Cites 22 Errors of Law Paul Trollope 14
McKay Slanders Minority Reps, Council Members Demand Firing Ed Jackson 15
RCMP Homo Witchhunt John Sawatsky 21-23
The Mirror of Violence: Gay Self Defense Michael Riordon 25-28
The Politics of Powerlessness Johanna H. Stuckey 29-30
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Montreal Police Raid on Sauna David Sparks Largest Protest Since Truxx Raid Stuart Russell 9
Take Back the Night: Women March in Anger, Not Fear in Toronto's Beaches Chris Bearchell 11
Protect Gays in Federal Code, Rights Commission Report Urges David Garmaise 10-11
Ward Healer: George Hislop, Canada's First Openly Gay Elected Official to City Hall Ed Jackson 21-23
Coming Out to the World: Second Annual Conference in Barcelona Tim McCaskell 25-28
Lesbians Stake Out Their Claim   26
Video is Not Television Martha Fleming & Douglas Durand 28-31
CBS Power, CBC Politics Michael Lynch 38
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Delegates Bury National Coalition as Movement Ponders New Tactics Gerald Hannon 8-9
Posties First Federal Employees to Win Protection for Gay Workers   13
United Church General Council to Debate Gay-Positive Study   14
McKay Continues Attacks on Gay & Black Leaders Robert Trow 15
Stonewall Marches Sweep Globe   17
Photoessay: The Gay Image Philip Hannan 19-21
Movement in Lavender: Lesbian & Gay Leftists Gather in US Gary Kinsman & Paul Trollope 23-24
Out in the Basque Country Tim McCaskell 25-28
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Toronto's School Board Votes to Study Gay Liaison   8
Will Sex for Gay Youth - & Group Sex for All - Be Legalized? Gerald Hannon 9
Ombudsman Backs Arts Council in Not Funding Student for TBP Bill Lewis 11
Texas Cops Kill Gay Leader   16
Calgary: Growing Pains in Boomtown Gerald Hannon 19-25
Short Story: I ~Grec is Y: Autonomie Gay Bell 26-28
"Her Own Image" - Complete with Heterosexual Facade Mary Meigs 29
A Montreal Film Festival Reveals the State of Gay Cinema   30-31
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Mayor Sewell Endorses George Hislop Ed Jackson 9-10
United Church Accepts for Study Report Approving Gays in Ministry Roger Spalding 10
Metro Council Votes for Equal Opportunity but Refuses to Say Who's Equal Ed Jackson 11
Cop use Guns in David Balfour Park Chris Bearchell 13
Mothers vs Amazons Rosemary Barnes 23-26
Don Garner: Poet on the Strip Ken Popert 27-28
The Lover of His Fellows & the Hot Little Prophets: Walt Whitman in Ontario Michael Lynch 29-31
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Bishop University Students Burn Handbook in Protest Over "Fag propaganda" Joanne Brown, Stuart Russell & Paul Trollope 9
Gays Lose Bid for School Liaison but Board Outlaws Discrimination Roger Spalding 10
Coping with "the Gay Issue" Ed Jackson 14-15
After Five years, Matlovich Wins   17
Schwule Showdown in West Germany Tim McCaskell 20
The Time, the Place & the Person: Hislop Heads for City Hall Val Edward 22-25
Naked Came the Formalist Michael Lynch 26-27
Bette Midler: Divine Madness - Her Way Norman Hay 29
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Losing, Learning & Living Through It - Toronto Civic Elections Ed Jackson 9-12
Community Pressure Prods Police to Act, & Hallowe'en Hate-Fest Comes to End Gerald Hanon 13
School Principal Cancels Reading by Gay Writer of Children's Books Fay Orr 18
Maryland Anti-Gay Politican Buys Sex, Loses Seat   21
Gay in Colombia: Hiding, Hustling & Coming Together Tim McCaskell 24-27
Watching Them Watching Us: CBC Drama The Running Man David Mole 28-29
Towards 1984 Andrew Hodges 27
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