The Body Politic ~ Index 1977
Rainbow Line
Title Author Pages
Gays Join Day of Protest John Duggan 1
Gay Issues Raised in Quebec Election David Garmaise 1, 3
Lesbians Fight to Keep Kids   3
Marie Robertson: Upfront Dyke & Loving Woman Gerald Hannon 9
Comics: At the Playground Gary Ostrom 11
Fiction: Pictures Jane Rule 12-14
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Title Author Pages
Winning: Interview with John Damien Michael Riordan 1, 21
New Immigration Act a Victory for Gays   4-5
National Lesbian Newsletter Launched   5
Basford Adamant on Exclusion of Sexual Orientation   7
Saskatoon: People Who Make it Work Tom Warner 11
A Freund Indeed - Penile Plethysmography? Charles Bonnell 13-14
Divided We Stand: Lesbians & Gay Men Andrew Hodges 22-23
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Title Author Pages
Gays in Six Cities Protest against CBC Ban David Garmaise & Michael Lynch 1
Gay Murders Unsolved? Can You Help? Clarence Barnes 1, 4
Coalition Adopts Education Strategies Tom Warner 5
Never Much of a Conformist: Interview with Robin Metcalfe Ken Popert 9
Fiction: Le temps des citrouilles Graham Jackson 12-13
Fighting Right Beside Him: A Portrait of Sarah Montgomery Sarah Montgomery 14-16
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Title Author Pages
Censorship Gerald Hannon 1, 17
Demonstrators from Two Provinces Converge on Prairie Capital Gens Hellquist 4
City Council Adopts Gay Rights Resolution Jim Monk 4
Queen's Recruiting Teens, Screams Homophobic Whig John Higgins 5
Gay Groups to Intervene in CBC Licence Renewals David Garmaise 6
Bawdy Politics: Baths & the Bawdy House Laws Paul Trollope 9
Up Here on a Visit: Interview with Christopher Isherwood Will Aitken 12-14
The Clap Trap: A Venereal Catch 22 Merv Walker 15-16
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Title Author Pages
350 Demand End to Police Harassment Robert Cook 1
March for Free Abortion Gets Gay Support Stuart Russell 1
Support Grows on Sexual Orientation Issue David Garmaise 5
Fox Suggests Security Clearances OK fro Open Gays David Garmaise 5
CRTC Questions CBC's Anti-Gay Policy David Garmaise 5
The Gay Rights Freud Herb Spiers & Michael Lynch 8-10, 25
Fiction: Romance Michael Riordan 19-21
Country Craftsperson: Ger Brender à Brandis Michale Lynch 22-23
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Title Author Pages
Private Thornborrow: A Lesbian Goes Public   1
No Rights for Gays   1, 9
Race is on for Gay Votes   4
Big Brothers are Watching You - & Teaching Others How Michael Lynch 7
Shallow Minds & Shallow Throats Michael Lynch 9
Concerning the Death of Dr. Michael Silverstein, Gay Activist & Friend Larry Tate 10-11
Who Gets the Kids? Chris MacNaughton 12-13
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Title Author Pages
Anita Takes Miami; Gays to Fight On Harvey Hamburg 1, 12
Anti-Gay Slurs OK by Rights Commissioner   1, 7
Basford & the Canadian Human Rights Act Paul Trollope 3
Toronto Gays Zap Clarke, Lose Zip Michael Lynch 4
Forces Ignore Outcry, Expel Thornborrow   4
London Gays Get Organized Patrick Ferris 7
Body Politics Refused Canada Council Grant Rick Bébout 9
Customs Rules No on Men Loving Men Rick Bébout 9
Private Goes Public: Interview with Barbara Thornborrow Barbara Freeman 13
A Fag-Spotter's Guide to Eisenstein Thomas Waugh 15-17
Actors & Shakespeare & Stratford & Us Michael Lynch 23-35
Rosemary Barnes Charlene Sheard-Robertson 26-27
Two Days in Sodom, or How Anglo-Canadian Writers Invent Their Own Quebecs Robert K. Martin 28-30
Letter from Paris Dennis Altman 31
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Title Author Pages
Rights Commission Backs Gay Demands Michael Lynch 1
Media Fosters Bigotry with Murder Coverage Michael Lynch 1, 4
New Immigration Act Drops Gay Exclusion   4
Majority Endorse Gay Rights   4-5
Pro-Gay MP to Head Rights Commission David Gibson 5
High Spirits & Hard Work: The Fifth Annual Gay Conference in Saskatoon Paul Trollope 6-7
"...Deemed Necessary to Discriminate...": Gloria Cameron, a Lesbian Master Corporal Fired by the Canadian Army Forces Gerald Hannon 10, 19
Play Ball Keith Sly 20-21
Bill Lewis: The Shy & Stubborn Activist Michael Lynch 22
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Title Author Pages
Defending Damien Michael Lynch 1, 11
Damien Protest Days Set David Gibson 4
RCMP Still Keeping Files on Gays   4
Ostrom on Castro Street Gary Ostrom 13
Outrageous Images Michael Riordon 14-15, 23
Jill Johnston's Fall Gwen Hauser 16
Gay Culture: Thoughts from the National Conference Peter Millard 17
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Title Author Pages
Rights of Access   1, 4
Phillips Resigns, Damien Defence Continues   4
Vancouver GATE Goes to the Supreme Court Al Dunning 4
How a Steambath Becomes a Bawdyhouse John Blacklock & Paul Trollope 7
The Ever-Obliging Mr. Crisp Rick Bébout 8-9
Media Madness & Lesbian Images Chris Bearchell 10
Don't They Listen to the Words? Keith Maillard 11-13
Andrew & His Tribe Ed Jackson 23
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Title Author Pages
Montreal: Thousands Take to Streets in Protest   1, 5
Sea-to-Sea Days to Protest Back Damien   4
Quebec: Rights Commission Backs Gay Protection Stuart Russell 4
Vancouver: GATE Loses First Federal Appeal Bid David Rand 5
Open-Door Policy for Vancouver Baths Al Dunning 5
Life After Dade Michael Merril 11-14
Gay TV is not a Drag (Show) Michael Riordon 15-18
Men Loving Boys Gerald Hannon 29-33
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