The Body Politic ~ Index 1976
Rainbow Line
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Review: What's It Like to be the Son of the Mother of a Homosexual? Christopher Z. Hobson 1-4 (Our Image)
Parliamentary Committee Recommends End to Gay Exclusion   3
Police Raid Clubs; Seeking Clues to Montreal's Rising Murder Rate   4
NDP Record on Rights Attacked by Gays   7
London Group Starts Counselling Line   7
Learning to Kill Gerald Hannon 8-9
Shrink Shopping: The New Therapies Homophobia & You Erin Shoemaker 12-13
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Title Author Pages
Review: John Lord Hervey James Dubros 1-3 (Our Image)
Gay Wins Protection Under BC Rights Code Ken Popert 1
Court Halts Rights Inquiry, Wilson Will Appeal Decision Doug Hellquist 3
Coalition Will Urge MPs to Put Gays in Human Rights Act Ron Dayman 3-4
Bill of Rights for Gay Consumers Joel Starkey 7
The Advocate: the Soft Sell Hardens Merv Walker 10-11
Gay Rights in the Unions Ken Popert 12-13
Stranger in "Paradise": Rita Mae Brown Goes to the Baths Rita Mae Brown 15-16
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Title Author Pages
Review: Private Parts & Public Figures Jane Rule 1-3 (Our Image)
Metro NDP Adopts Gay Rights Program Ken Popert 1
Government Finances Gay Counselling Service John Blacklock 4
CBC Bans Gay Announcements NGRC 4-5
Damien Case: Minister Interferes, Government Agencies Collaborate Christine Bearchell 6-7
Anatomy of a Sex Scandal: What Happened in Ottawa Gerald Hannon 10-11
Assault on the Ivory Tower: Doug Wilson vs the University of Saskatchewan Peter Millard 12-13
The Marketing of John Damien Gerald Hannon 15
Dykes, Dancing & Politics Joyce Rock 17
Homophobia: The Psychology of a Social Disease Mark Freedman 19-20
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Title Author Pages
Review: Toeing the Line: Gay Male Image in Ballet Graham Jackson 1-5 (Our Image)
Olympic Crackdown   1, 17
NDP Adopts Gay Rights Plank John Argue & Dan Stainton 3
House Debates Gay Rights Ken Popert 5
Entrapped: How One Gay Teacher Discovered the Frightening Powers of the Police & the Courts John Towndrow 9-10
Anne Bonny & Mary Read: Lesbian Pirates Susan Baker 13-15
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Title Author Pages
Seven Years To go: The Plight of Gay Youth Gerald Hannon 1, 14-15
Kiss-In Protests Conviction of Kissers Gerald Hannon 3
Gay Men Organize to Make Park Safe Merv Walker 3
As Damien Gets to Court, Money Runs Out Ken Popert 6
Yeah, I'm a Dyke, So What About It? - Chris Bearchell David Gibson 9
Teacher's a Fag Michael Lynch 11, 13
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Title Author Pages
Review: Some Pulp Sappho Fran Koski & Maida Tilchen 1-3 (Our Image)
Lesbians Call for Autonomy   1, 3
We Will Conquer a Space Filled with Light: The Gay Struggle in Argentina Tim McCaskell 8-9
Many Faces...Photo Feature   10
What Do You Say to a Guy After You've Blown Him in the Park?   13-14
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Title Author Pages
Suicide or Murder? Gay Artist O.D.'s After Gang Beating Shane Que Hee 1
NGRC to Raise $6000 for Damien David Garmaise 3
Two Women Homesteaders c. 1912   8
David Garmaise & the NGRC Merv Walker 9
Getting the Picture: In Which the BP's Illustrator Opens a Graphic Grab-Bag Full of Sexism & Closes it Quickly Gary Ostrom 11
Advice on Consent: Youth Sexuality, the Consent Hoax & Why it Persists Gerald Hannon 12-13
What's Going On? A Questionnaire   19
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Title Author Pages
Gays Join Day of Protest John Duggan 1
Gay Issues Raised in Quebec Election David Garmaise 1, 3
Lesbians Fight to Keep Kids   3
Marie Robertson: Upfront Dyke & Loving Woman Gerald Hannon 9
Comics: At the Playground Gary Ostrom 11
Fiction: Pictures Jane Rule 12-14
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