The Body Politic ~ Index 1975
Rainbow Line
Title Author Pages
Because He's A Homosexual: Defend John Damien   1
PQ Houseleader Supports Gay Rights   5
Ontario Gay Rights Coalition Formed 6
What's A Woman To Do Jeanne Cordova 11
Capital Punishment: Notes of a Willing Victim Michael Riordon 4-21
Book Review: The Early Homosexual Rights Movement Kenneth Caietan 22-23
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Title Author Pages
Ottawa: Police & Press Lies End in Death   1, 6
GATE Wins First Hearing in Canada Under BC Human Rights Legislation   5
Harold Hedd Comics Rand Holmes 11
I'm Determined to Win: Interview with John Damien   12-13
Throat Ramming Gerald Hannon 14
Pigs & Fishes Ian Young 16-18
Keeping House: The Politics of Housekeeping Ed Jackson 19
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Title Author Pages
Toronto Morality Squad Crackdown (Response to Harold Hedd Comics, No 18, 1975)   1, 12
Gays in Cuba Allen Young 10-11, 25
Exigeons Nos Droits Ken Popert 13
Gay Rights Now Ken Popert 16
Stop-Gap Liberation Jeanne Cordova 17
Family Affair: A Gay Son Writes Home Jim Dougan 18-19
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Title Author Pages
Obscenity Laws & the Uses of Sexual Guilt Gerald Hannon 1, 19
ThirdNational Conference Launches Gay Rights Coalition Robert Trow 3-5
NGRC Demands   4
Damien Wins Preliminary Decision Robert Trow 5
The Family: "Don't Shut Us Out of Your Life" Merv Walker 12-13, 27
Why I Want a Lover Alan Belkin 15, 18
Susan Saxe: "Feminism is Not Collaboration"   16-17, 20
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Title Author Pages
Discrimination: A Teacher Fights Back Doug Hellquist 1
The 16-Cent Life Insurance Policy   9
Blessed Are the deviates: A Post-Therapy Check-Up on My Ex-Psychiatrist Michael Riordon 10-11
Nudity & Sexism Ed Jackson 12-13, 25
Jane Rule: The Woman Behind "Lesbian Images"   14-15, 17
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