The Body Politic ~ Index 1974
Rainbow Line
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Homosexuals & the Third Reich Jim Steakley 1, 20-21
GATE Moves Against Censorship in Schools   4
Human Rights Code Still Ignores Gays   5
Vancouver Paper Turns Down Ad: GATE Protests, Demands Justice   6
Gays & Film Clichés Robert Trow 11
Sex & Sin: The Politics of V.D. Walter Blumenthal 14-15
Interview: Edgar Z. Friedenberg Greg Lehne 17-19
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Uppity Women (H.A.S.P. Brunswick 4)   1
Civic Recognition Forces Newspaper to Print Ad   4
Rights Commissioners Renege: GATE Demo Wins Meeting   5
Winnipeg Activists Wed, Test Equality   6
2000 Gather at Lesbian Meeting   7
Mikhail Kuzmin: Tsarist Russia's Gay Poet Ken Popert 14-15
On His Way: Letters from a Small Town Youth   16-17
Canandian Gay Polemical Literature: We've Only Just Begun... Tom Warner 18-19, 25
Lesbian Mother Jeanne 21
Little Rock, Ont?: An Outsider's View of Kingston Ron Dayman 23
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Quakers Support Gay Rights   4
Federal Human Rights Code Excludes Gays   4
Sexual Orientation Raised in Saskachewan Legislature   5
Teachers Deny Request for Gay Speaker   6
R.C. Theologian Takes Favourable Stand   7
Star - "No Again"   7
The Gay Movement in Germany Today Jim Steakley 14-15, 21, 23
Oppression in Mexico Gerald Hannon 16-17
Interview: Dennis Altman   18-25
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Winnipeg Printer Refuses Gay Publication   4
Saskatoon Lesbian Mother in Child Custody Fight   5
Partial Win for Brunswick 4   6
Gays Murdered in Chile   7
National Gay Election Coalition   8
Facade: A Photographic Essay Raphael Bendahan 15-18
Love's Coming-Of-Age: Edward Carpenter on Homosexuality Graeme Woolaston 20-21, 27, 29
Gay Male Fantasies: A Collage Greh Lehne 22
Interview: David Watmough Walter Blumenthal & Tom Warner 24
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Stone Walls & Prejudice: A Gay Prisoner Speaks Out As told to Walter Bruno 1, 24
OHIP Compromise, Robs Gay Couple of "Family Rates"   7
Gay Male Fantasies Greh Lehne 12-13, 25
Proposition from the Left: The Revolutionary Marxist Group Addresses Gays   14-15
NGEC: Model for a National Movement Tom Warner 16-17
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Government May End Ban on Immigrants   5
Advertisers Desert the Body Politic   7
Gay Bursary Established   8
The Lesbian & God-the-Father Sally Gearhart 12-13, 23
Was Christ a Cocksucker? Gerald Hannon 14-16
Kisses, Blow-Jobs, Sweet Surrenders: Gay in the Seminary   17, 25
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