The Body Politic ~ Index 1973
Rainbow Line
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Psychiatric Neutrality: An Autopsy Herb Spiers 14-17, 24
Hetero-burbia Amerigo Marras 25
Couples: Portrait of the Heteros as Just Plain Bores Henney Penney 26-27
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Why 8's Late: Stopping the Presses, Toronto Star Discriminates Against Gays!   5
Homo, Home on the Range Erv Warner 10
Innocence Regained David Newcome 11
Wheat & Women: The Failure of Feminism in the West Bob Wallace 12-15
Nursing a Grievance Julie Mosgrove 21
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Title Author Pages
The Gay Movement in Germany 1860-1910: Part One Jim Steakley 12-16
A More Aggressive Stance: Gays & Government in Manitoba Greg Bourgeois & Bob Wallace 17, 23
Just Want a Good Gay Rock Band Warren Hague 18-19
Survey: Gay Fantasies Gre Lehne 21
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Title Author Pages
Film: Boys in the Sand & Bijou Robert Trow 11
That Man's Scope: Interview with John Herbert   12-13, 25
The Gay Movement in Germany 1910-1933: Part Two Jim Steakley 14-18
W.H. Auden: In Memoriam I.Y. 19
Open Male in the Post Office: Not the Same Old Place Walter Blumenthal 20-21
Saskatoon Gay Action: Progress in a Prairie City Ed Jackson 23
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