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Preparing students to prevent, manage, and resolve difficult situations.


It’s our job to help you – students at Western and the affiliates – determine options. We do that by discussing your concern with you either in person or over the phone, telling you what policies may apply, and then talking through the various options available to you.

we figure out what happened
discuss what you would like to see happen next
and then figure out what you/we can do to make that possible


If you can’t come to us because you are a student at one of the affiliates, staff from the Ombuds office will come to you. If you’re a part-time student only on campus in the evening, let us know and we’ll meet with you at a time convenient to you.

** Be sure to check out Western's Mental Health and Wellness Resource Guide for Graduate and Undergraduate Students. This valuable tool lists resources to help you take care of yourself and information on where to turn if you become overwhelmed. 

If you want to know more about what an Ombudsperson does, view this terrific video produced by the International Ombudsman Association.

About the Office

An interview with Ombudsperson, Jennifer Meister, and Associate Ombudsperson, Anita Pouliot, about what the office does and how we can help you.

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