Weak tornado confirmed near Guelph

An NTP investigation has concluded that a brief, weak supercell tornado occurred near Darbyville, east of Guelph, on August 25th. The tornado's funnel cloud was seen by multiple witnesses, including a private drone operator in Guelph who was able to capture the funnel cloud to the surface without obstruction.

The event summary follows.

Event Name: Darbyville, ON
Date: August 25, 2022
Start Time: 3:34 PM EDT (1934 UTC)
Final Classification: Tornado (Over Land)
Preliminary EF-Scale Rating: EF0-Default
Estimated tornado location: 43.57N, 80.07W
Description: A drone operator in southern Guelph captured footage of a tornado just northwest of Darbyville and witnesses in Guelph and south of Acton also captured photos and video of the associated funnel cloud (though view of the surface was obscured by trees and homes). No damage has been reported at this time and initial satellite imagery review revealed no visible damage. Preliminary EF-Scale assessment is EF0-Default.

Still frame from drone video by Dylan McGowan @ProvincialDrone

Drone still frame cropped and enhanced to better show tornado, partially obscured by rain

CASKR Doppler radar at the time of the tornado, showing a large, rainy hook echo and both mesocyclone and tornado cyclone rotation couplets NW of Darbyville.