Two EF1 tornadoes in London, ON

NTP has completed thorough investigations of two locations in London, ON where significant damage was reported. Two EF1 tornadoes have been confirmed based on the results of these surveys. Details for each are provided below.

London (Huron Heights, NE part of city)

EF1 Tornado
Time – 11:36 AM ET
Worst damage – loss of apartment roof covering (ACT DOD2 EXP 160 km/h), damage to airport hangar doors and flipped plane, numerous healthy trees snapped/uprooted
Path length – 5.7 km
Max path width – 450 m
Motion from WSW
See images below.

London (Wilton Grove, S side of city)

EF1 Tornado
Time – 11:39 AM ET
Worst damage – large power pole leaning (C-ETL DOD4 EXP 175 km/h), warehouse building with roof removed and partial wall collapse (WHB DOD5 EXP 185 km/h but lowered due to lack of surrounding damage in immediate vicinity), trees snapped/uprooted
Path length – 3.4 km
Max path width – 400 m
Motion from WSW
See images below.

In both cases, there was a CASET radar velocity couplet that went over the location at the leading edge of the derecho, supporting the classification of QLCS tornado. Note that the tornadoes occurred within minutes of each other.

Huron Heights images


Map of damage points along Huron Street east of Highbury Ave



Roof damage to apartment building on Huron Street



Several large trees down in the Huron Heights neighbourhood



CASET radar velocity couplet just before the tornado



CASET radar velocity couplet just after the tornado


Wilton Grove / Westminster images


Damage along Green Valley Road in Wilton Grove (Westminster) area




Damaged industrial building



Large power pole leaning



CASET radar velocity couplet just minutes before the tornado.
The couplet had mostly dissipated by the next radar scan.