EF0 at Winchelsea, ON

After the passage of a line of storms in southwestern Ontario on the afternoon of August 8th, a report of a tornado at Winchelsea was posted to social media. NTP conducted a ground/drone investigation on August 9th and determined a brief EF0 did occur in that area.

The event summary is below.

Event Name: Winchelsea, ON
Date: August 8, 2022
Time: 4:15 PM EDT (2015 UTC)
Final Classification: Tornado (Over Land)
Preliminary EF-Scale Rating: EF0
EF-Scale Damage Indicator / Degree of Damage: C-T/DOD-2
Start of damage track: 43.3342N, 81.3822W
End of damage of track: 43.3368N, 81.3769W
Location of worst damage: 43.3349N, 81.3794W
Description: A resident of Winchelsea reported a tornado at their property that caused tree damage and tossed the resident approx. 10 m across the yard. The resident saw the associated funnel cloud above moments before the damage occurred. No serious injuries were reported. A co-located radial velocity couplet was seen by CASET radar and continued northeastward. An NTP ground and drone survey was completed on August 9, 2022, and additional tree and crop damage were documented. Damage assessed as EF0 tornado, with an estimated max. wind speed of 90 km/h, track length of 0.53 km and max. path width of 100 m. Tornado motion was from the SW (approx. 235 degrees). Satellite imagery review ispending.

Drone photo taken downwards over corn crop showing rotation patterns with tight radius.