Update on Nov 6 Vancouver Tornado

NTP has completed the assessment for the rare supercell tornado that hit the UBC campus area of Vancouver on 6 Nov 2021. Details below. Two areas of supercell rotation were observed (visually and by radar - see below, blue dots show rotation centres) over that area. The western area produced the tornado and then dissipated. The eastern area intensified as it moved north but appears to have never produced a tornado.

  • Event Name: Vancouver, BC
  • Date:  November 6, 2021
  • Time: 5:05 PM PDT (0005Z)  
  • Final Classification: Tornado (Over Land)
  • Final EF-Scale Rating: EF0
  • EF-Scale Damage Indicator / Degree of Damage: C-T/DOD-3
  • Start of damage track: 49.244N, 123.236W   
  • End of damage of track: 49.278N, 123.226W 
  • Location of worst damage: 49.2668N, 123.2291W
  • Description: Witnesses in Vancouver captured video and photos of a tornado over the Strait of Georgia that came ashore and caused tree damage at the University of British Columbia campus and areas adjacent. No injuries reported at this time. Following an ECCC ground survey completed on November 7, 2021 and review of damage reports, assessment is EF0 tornado, with estimated max. wind speed of 95 km/h, track length of 3.86 km and max. path width of 310 m. Tornado motion was from the S (approx. 190 degrees). It is estimated that the tornado travelled at least 5 km over the Strait of Georgia before coming ashore.