Tornadoes in 2021

Before NTP shuts down for the holiday break, we are able to provide some stats for the tornadoes documented by NTP over the 2021 season (updated 13 Jan 2022).

> There were an even 100 tornadoes documented across the country, with 60 of those occurring in Ontario (see map below)
> There were 81 classified as Tornado (Over Land) and 19 classified as Tornado (Over Water)
> There were 21 EF2 tornadoes, mostly occurring in Ontario and Quebec
> The May 25th Petit Lac Bull Rock, QC EF2 tornado was estimated to be the strongest with a maximum wind speed of 215 km/h, with the July 15th Barrie, ON EF2 tornado coming in a close second at 210 km/h
> There were two days in southern Ontario with 10-tornado outbreaks - July 15 and September 7
> There was one unfortunate tornado-related fatality - with the Mascouche EF2 tornado in Quebec on June 21st
> Only 15 tornadoes were recorded across the Prairie provinces, and of those only 3 had damage that could be rated using the EF scale
> Nova Scotia and the City of Vancouver recorded their first tornadoes in decades
> Thankfully, no EF3+ tornadoes were documented

Our thoughts are with all of those across Canada whose lives were significantly affected by tornadoes and other natural disasters this year.

Final details on Canada's 2021 tornadoes, and on other our documented phenomena, will be provided in the Annual NTP Report in January. In the meantime, you can always peruse the data via the NTP Dashboard.

All the best to everyone over the holiday break - from everyone at NTP!