Photo Contest 2015-2016

We are pleased to annouce the winners of the Third Annual Photo Contest! 


1st Place:
"A smile is a smile no matter the language"

1st Place

Submitted by: Pierrette Alfaro
Year & Program: 4th year Honours Anthropology with Minor in Spanish Language & Hispanic Culture
Year Abroad: February, 2015
Destination: Holguin, Cuba

2nd Place:
"Sometimes you need to look back on the world to see what lies ahead"


Submitted by: Laura Schmitt
Year & Program: 3rd year Double Major Italian Language & Culture and Medical Science
Year Abroad: May, 2014
Destination: Siena, Italy

3rd Place
"Sometimes we find beauty in things we don't understand"


Submitted by: Becky Quinn
Year & Program: 4th year Italian Language & Culture, Criminology
Year Abroad: June, 2013
Destination: Siena, Italy