London Rapid Transit Initiative

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The City of London is completing the second stage of Shift, its public transit planning exercise. Shift, focuses on rapid transit, along with vehicular and active transportation, as part of a system that will help London grow and prosper. This stage will develop a detailed design for the preferred rapid transit routes and provide a plan to build the rapid transit network including how it will be funded.

Rapid Transit - Western University Corridor

The City has identified four key corridors for a rapid transit system. The route that serves the Western campus is a northern branch from downtown to Masonville Place.
In May 2016, the City updated its plan to move away from Light Rail Transit (LRT) to a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) model.
In June 2016, following consultations with the campus community, Western’s Board of Governors unanimously expressed its support for both improved transit in the city and the introduction of rapid transit running to campus. However, the Board did not support LRT routes traversing through campus, or BRT routes traversing through campus if it is conditional to being convertible to LRT in the future.
The Board also stated that the university would complete an open-space-and-landscape-planning exercise intended, in part, to make the campus a more pedestrian-focused space with limits on vehicular traffic. This exercise, which is underway, will include an assessment of where transit routes should go, as well as the possible construction of transit hubs.

Transit Routes and Consultations

The City and the university have continued to work towards finding a solution to ensure that existing bus transit and the proposed BRT provide convenient service to campus while maximizing ridership and service efficiency, and minimizing environmental and social impacts at Western.
Five route alternatives have been identified for consideration. In order to choose the best option, it will be important to understand the potential implications to all activities on campus, including academia, research and leisure.
With this in mind, Western is undertaking an extensive process of analysis and consultation with the campus community. These consultations will seek to inform the campus community about the proposed transit routes and how this impacts campus and to provide an opportunity for students, faculty, staff and alumni to voice their opinions.

Community Information Sessions

Community information sessions will be held on campus on:

  • January 5, 12:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. -- UCC 290 – McKellar Room
  • January 10, 2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. -- UCC 290 – McKellar Room


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