The Diary of Thomas Hughes

Welcome to the Thomas Hughes Diary Project website!

The Thomas Hughes Diary Project was crafted by upper-year history students in History 3801E “The Historian’s Craft” at Huron University College. As young historians, it was our goal to present a comprehensive study on the life and works of abolitionist, the Reverend Thomas Hughes. Through this project, we sought to preserve the diary in a more accessible form and present the rich history of the anti-slavery movement in Canada.

Thomas Hughes taught at the Colonial Church and School Society’s “Mission to Fugitive Slaves in Canada” in London, Canada West, and later in the village of Dresden. The diary was kept during his Dresden years.

The diary of Reverend Thomas Hughes was donated to the Diocese of Huron Archives by members of the Hughes family. The diary stretches from July 7, 1861 to February 7, 1873. We have presented it in both photograph and transcribed form and our surrounding research is presented to contextualize the works of Thomas Hughes. We invite you to begin your journey into the 19th Century world of Thomas Hughes and thank you for your interest!