Comité d'organisation
Organizing Committee


President / Présidente 

Marilyn Randall, Chair, Department of French Studies

Local Coordinator of the Forum / Coordinatrice locale du Forum:

Mirela Parau, Undergraduate Program Assistant, Department of French Studies

Executive Committee / Comité exécutif:

Erin Balmer, FSL Learning Coordinator, Thames Valley District School Board
Chantal Dawar
, Department of French Studies
Aurélie Legros
, Community Liaison Officer, Conseil Scolaire Viamonde
Karin Schwerdtner
, Undergraduate Chair, Department of French Studies

Advisory Committee / Comité consultatif: 

Lise Béland, Chef Régionale, Collège Boréal
Sarah Emms, President of the Arts and Humanities Student Council
Sherry Foster, Alumni and Development Officer, Western Libraries
Philippe Gauthier, PhD candidate, Department of French Studies
Rita Giroux-Patience, Directrice, Centre communautaire régional de London
John Hatch, Associate Dean (Academic), Faculty of Arts and Humanities
Jo Jennings, Communication Officer, Faculty of Arts and Humanities

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