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"Canadian Primary Health Care Research Network (CPHCRN) "
Presenters:  Bill Hogg, University of Ottawa
January 25, 2012


CPHCRN In recent months, the many disciplines within the primary healthcare research community have come together to form the Canadian Primary Healthcare Research Network (CPHCRN). The purpose of CPHCRN is to better coordinate existing and future healthcare research efforts in order to improve the quality, accessibility and cost-effectiveness of the Canadian healthcare system.

CPHCRN is a virtual network of networks, with a central governing body at its hub. This governing body will serve to coordinate several smaller, content-focussed PHC research networks, in addition to six regional PHC networks, whose focus will be to embed PHC research into Canadian PHC practice. Notably, the governing body will ensure standardized collection of data, facilitating its consolidation and relevance to healthcare system improvement. At all levels, CPHCRN will be founded on the principles of its partners: international PHC researchers, other Canadian healthcare research disciplines, government decision makers, industry, research funding agencies, health charities and patients. Partners will be served by CPHCRN’s enhanced capacity for knowledge access, capture and translation from the Canadian PHC patient population. CPHCRN’s website will function as a clearinghouse for this research information, and as a database for researcher profiles, enabling collaboration amongst its members and partners.

By creating dialogue and exchange between both researchers and end-users of the healthcare system, CPHCRN will be a crucial synergist for a broad range of efforts to improve healthcare. CPHCRN’s ability to coordinate these research efforts will also serve to improve their efficiency and effectiveness, resulting in more timely and cost-effective data capture. Its regional networks will then ensure geographical relevance of subsequent recommendations to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare practice. To achieve these objectives, CPHCRN will collaborate with stakeholders to compete for network funding from the Canadian Institutes for Healthcare Research’s Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research (SPOR). This is a tremendous opportunity for Ontario to be involved in shaping the future of primary care research in Canada.

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