EnviroCon 2019

Welcome to EnviroCon! EnviroCon is an interdisciplinary conference organized every year by students of the Collaborative Graduate Program in the Centre for Environment and Sustainability at Western University. EnviroCon 2019 will provide a forum for a broad range of topics in the Sciences, Engineering, Social Sciences, Business, Policy, and Management. The conference is FREE to attend and participate in. This event aims to bring together the knowledge and research of undergraduate and graduate students, faculty and community members involved in environment and sustainability.   Register for your free ticket here and submit your abstracts here!



Day 1: EnviroCon with Panel Discussion

This year's EnviroCon will include several speakers, a panel luncheon, student presentations and an environmental booth exhibit!  The panel theme for EnviroCon 2019 is Plastics:  Problems and Solutions.

Day 2: Sustainability Fair

For the first time, EnviroCon will include a second community day with a sustainability fair!


Program to come!


 Registration for EnviroCON 2019 is now open here:

Free Registration

Call for Papers

The Centre for Environment and Sustainability (CES) invites graduate students to submit abstracts for morning oral presentations (12 mins), afternoon speed talks (5 mins), and lunchtime posters on research related to environment and sustainability for this year’s EnviroCon research conference at the University of Western Ontario. Abstract submission are being accepted here.


Announcements about panel speakers coming soon!






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